So im back in the anarchy..

Blackmoore back in Anarchy Online once again – on a new account since my previous got banned..

So once more i take my first steps on Rubi-Ka.. This time Blackmoore, tank as always, will try out he’s luck on a so called “froob” account. It’s free, and it’s classic.

Endgame, what endgame?

Blackmoore riding into the sun and finally leaving Lotro

Blackmoore going on vacation from LoTRO. Expansion was free, and pretty nice but the game really lack som serious content to get a gamer going for long. With max level and every deed almost completed i feel i have to get away from this game for a while. Im thinking of taking my vacation in Anarchy Online for a while, yes you heard me right, AO has some serious content and i allready have done two 220 characters there. This time the challange is ofc to start out fresh with a new account..