Got myself a Living Dragonflesh Body Armor from an old friend. This armour is “the shit” in +dmg. As always i get more help and teams from strangers and old friends then from my guild. Valhall Guardians is more or less dead im afraid. And to qoute one of my old friends who left the guild “It’s a bunch of kids twinking alts and paying for an expensive chat client” Maybe he’s right..

Ops! My token board..

And yes, another Blackmoore hunting for his tokenboard i Anarchy Online

!Ding 150 and a new title level. New Arul Sabas with Cold dmg for my schyte, almost done with my Tier 2.
Totally forgot about tokens.. So with 250 tokens at lvl 150 i have to get my shit together. Will have to take a break and work on my 1000 token board now for a while. This means missions, a LOT of missions.. 😉

Heckler, heckler, heckler, heckler…

Blackmoore going “Mongo” at “The Brink” in Anarchy Online

!Ding 140. Hunting hecklers in elysium is a shore.. Good for me I have done it before, still remember the pulling and their sick aggro range. I even remembered the stuck bugged heck outside “the sunken hut” 😛

Besides hunting im working on my Tier 2 Armour and twinking in some new symbs.

The garden of Dalja

234664.gif !Ding 137
Entering Adonis and gettting garden key was always kinda a milstone back in the days when I was active. It felt very special to get there again and getting the key. My guild sux though, feels like everyone is twinking alts and looking out for themselfes 😦 No raids, no organised teaming. Even though i started this guild and made it the biggest and most active scandinavian raiding guild 3 years ago im actually thinking of leaving it..


Blackmoore just can’t stay “froob” and signed up for a full account.. crazy but wtf!

So after just a coupple of weeks free play in anarchy online im hooked again. People can say what they want, but this is truly a great game. At lvl 50 I signed up for all the expansions, now at lvl 90 i have no regrets.. This game is great!