A tribute to Frank Miller


As any serious gamer I’m ofc a real comic book fan.
Love or hate his latest comics, there is no denying that Frank Miller is a comic book legend with stuff like “Ronin” and the remake of Batman as a pretty evil hero, Daredevil and ofc the brilliant Sin City and “300” wich both later on became movies. Best known for his film noir-style comic book stories. He is one of the most widely-recognized and popular creators in comics, and is one of the most influential comics creators of his generation.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Is what really got me into the work of Frank Miller.
The Dark Knight Returns is set 20 years in the future. In the absence of superheroes, criminals run amok, and a gang called the Mutants terrorize Gotham City. Bruce Wayne has been retired from crime fighting for ten years following the death of Jason Todd, the second Robin. Despite Wayne’s funding of the rehabilitation of Harvey Dent (Two-Face), Dent returns to crime. Wayne dons the Batman costume again and apprehends Dent, but the populace debates whether Batman is a savior.
Check it out, im sure you will love it!

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