The chosen one

Chosen enforcer armour

Well a shitload of missions gives a shitload of money and stuff to sell. Blue glyphs of Aban is at a all time low so getting them all for a full set of chosen armour was a piece of cake. The hard part was to get it all on at lvl 160. I had no patiance for a perk reset so with a pair of Frederickson Micro-kinetic Sleeves, ql 160 pillows and some other nice stuff I managed to get all the parts on exept the sleeves (due to the fact i had fred’s sleeves on) I could have twinked the full set on with some more effort, and probably as early as lvl 150 if needed. However I’m not a power twinker and I think most power twinkers are a bit anal-retentive… Honest, I do..

Back in the days when the Shadowlands expansion was launched, Tier 3 was “teh uber shit” and we spent months and a shitload of money getting a full set. Now it’s not that hard to get if you have some money and knowledge of the game.

right now I split my time between my main (220 enfo) doing PvP for Ofab stuff, my agent alt (206) and Blackmoore (160) Eventually one of them will have to stand back.

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