To be a hero or to be a villain – and what to do when the magic is gone


Many players getting in their first mmorpg tend to get stuck in it, They reach end level, get all the best items and then they start playing an alternative character untill new game content come out. Thoose who dare to try out a new game often return after a year scared by the hard work of playing yet another time consuming game, reaching end level.

I know, i have been there and in some ways I’m still there. I always return to Anarchy Online, most of the time just to realize the magic is gone, that pristine “first game” feeling is just gone and beeing “uber” with the best gear is not just enough to keep me staying. Yet again, I allways return to AO now and again for some reason. My friends are the same but with different games. I have a friend who returns to World of warcraft now and again, just to realize the magic is gone. There’s just something with our first mmorpg experience (if it was a good one), the people we meet there and the time spent.

I try to keep an open mind though, There’s a Blackmoore in almost every mmorpg out there and i try not to get stuck in anyone of them. For some reason I prefer games with some serious content and advanced gameplay (like AO, Vanguard etc.). But in periods of my online gaming life I get so fed up with advanced game play, grinding etc. and some of the games I always return to when I do is City of heroes or Lord of The Rings Online (I have a lifetime sub here). CoH has a nice “arcade feeling” over it, the game play is easy, there no factions needed to be grinded and the costume design is a game in itself – I just love it.

One of the other things really making CoH fun game is the mission system (as in AO). Real content on demand whenever you want it. I know solo content will be more importent in future games. many gamers out there just like to be online to chat with there friends and still have the same chance to get good gear, level up and be able to afk whenever real life needs em to. The mission system in any game is a great way to do this. If you havent tried out City of Heroes yet i really urge you to give it a chance. Fast and easy fun whenever you get fed up with whatever game you grind away in. Get a coupple of friends and try it out, be superhero just for the fun of it, punch badguys or be a badguy yourself.

2 thoughts on “To be a hero or to be a villain – and what to do when the magic is gone

  1. CoH IS a nice game, the thing people fail to understand though is that there is no endgame, the whole idea is about the journey.

  2. I have to confess i never reached max level (yet) on any of my character in CoH. I see CoH as a long term project of mine 😛 A coupple of weeks ago I actually logged in, upgraded to City of villians and then logged out, I have no idea why I did that lol

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