Yesterday I dinged 255 in wow..

After that me and Harman soloed “The pitboss” in Outlands 

No shit!

A friend of mine convinced me to play wow on he’s private server just for fun.. Well im not really into wow right now, but I gave it a try. Cheating really is no fun and after a while trying out new armour sets, dinging 255, flying and trying out speed hacks i got really bored. But i can tell you this, if you ever need to get rid of a wow addiction this is the way to do it.

It really gives one some perspective on online gaming. People grinding away their whole life, family, friends and education for virtual items. It’s nothing more then “!levelup 255” and in the next second you’re done, “!additem xxxx” to get whatever you want. If I still played wow I would have a really hard time to take the game serious again after this night of extreme cheating.

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