Been there, done that, doing it tomorrow?


 “Discover the beautiful lands of bla bla bla™ and explore an ethereal world torn between good and evil.

Seen it before? Been there, done that, doing it tomorrow?

Im actually getting real annoyed with all the fantasy shit out there.. I really would like to se more mmo’s with some new twist to it..

I have played and are still playing many fun games, but what about some new scenery and ideas? 
Ok so now you have established your market, fair enough, but does every new game have to be a wow clone or a EQ II clone? Why is EVE the only real good game in it’s genre? Why is Anarchy Online the only good game in it’s genre? Sure there’s some other lame attempts to make similar games but there all pretty poorly done..

Personally I want more sci-fi themes, i mean half the world loves it, movies, trading cards, there so many sci-fi nerds out there they could prolly start their own country. Now that would be awful to be honest but I wont go into that deeper..

Why is no one doing a game on the lovely swedish role playing game Mutant Chronicles for example?

And then there was Star Wars Online..
How in hell can you go wrong with this, jesus christ this should have been the game that raided the whole market like Wow did.. Really words are just to much. If you were a dev on this project all i can say is GET THE FUCK BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD! You failed, now repent and retry or live forever in shame.

Right now this is what I have my eyes on and hopes up for, ofc someone will fuck up as usuall but at least there’s some hope (I think?)

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