Interactive Virtual Environment


Now this is a pretty intresting idea actually.

Forterra systems INC, using the OLIVE™ (On-Line Interactive Virtual Environment) Platform that enables organizations to train, plan and rehearse scenarios.

“Distributed virtual world technology” scalable to fit your own corporate needs, pretty cool if you ask me. Now ofc it’s all about making money, i can respect that but it opens up for the future. Maybe we wont use blogs in a couple of years, maybe we will have our own 3D environment and we all surf around with our own avatar between different virtual worlds.

IVE (Interactive Virtual Environment) is the shit!
How cool it would be to walk with your best friend in a virtual mall (yes Orcano it’s you..), listening to mp3, checking out with my VISA card when i buy something. I don’t wanna check my mail using Outlook, i wanna walk up to my own mailbox, dropping attachment in to my personal portfolio. It’s nothing new ofc, but god damn i wanna see it happen!

Now go make this free for education so schools can start using it you cheep bastards!

Go check out OLIVE

Check out their video 

(just turn the volyme down to skip that corporate bullshit)

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