Old man ramblings

Just me rambling about games again, move on, nothing here to see.

Blackmoore does Eve Online, but fails for the third time! This spaceshit just don’t cut it for Blackie, he has to hit stuff!

Age Of Conan
Check out their presentation from Games Convention in Leipzig featuring a high level dunegon and a first look at how massive siege pvp will look like in AoC

I’m not really sure this game is for me. Massive pvp has never been my style and yet again I get the feeling of “been there, done that, doing it tomorrow” As a sidenote, a rumour says you will get a buff from haveing sex in AoC, now that’s at least something new. It wont build a whole game though.. But for all the hardcore Conan fans out there, grats to finally getting your own game.

 EVE Online
EVE Online’s latest update, Revelations 2.2 is now live, this is free content upgrade wich allways is nice ofc. Later this year their new graphics engine (looks really, really good tbh). EVE will prolly stay for a long time beeing almost alone in it’s genre (at least when it comes to quality). I have tried to get in the game 3 times now over the past years, and I just can’t.. I have no idea what it is with this game that just wont make it stick to me like other games. Even though i managed to get in guilds I feel disconnected and alone when playing it. http://www.eve-online.com/


World of warcraft goes VoIP
Now this has to be one of the smartest moves Blizzard has done. VoIP is one of the features in LoTRO i really liked, not for raiding (I still use TeamSPeak for that) so much as for teaming with my small group of friends actually. Many nights I could just log in and getting teamed with my brother just for a nice chat about the kids etc. VoIP FTW! The new Voice Chat feature is now available in game on the test realm, I hope it supports small teams and not just raids. Read all about it: 

Hope to see this soon on the live servers!

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