Vanguard does server merge


Vanguard has finished their servermerger, hopfully this will make the world feel alive and bring a lot more to the game.

I had really high hopes for this game when it was released: I never had any problem running it (as many did) and my high end computer delivered. But after a while (3 months) the game was dead, almost no teams was forming and all there was left was an empty sandbox to play in.
I tried to come back due to the great guild i was in (TOG) but when my home, the Island of Kojan, was completly empty of players I gave up.

Now the server are merged and hopefully players will have the chance to venture in this truly great game, I hope Vanguard will get a new chance in this cut throat business, it really deserves it. SOE seems to be doing a really great job if I understand the reactions from the players correct.

Blackmoore elf warrior finally says goodbye to Vanguard!

For me it’s over,  I might try it out again in the future but it has to be a lot less hardcore then it was before if I do.. I want to have fun, it’s kind of in the nature of the word “game” itself. Vanguard (and many others) has to many timesinks to be fun.

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