The lamest excuse for leaving a PuG

During my 12 years of online gaming I take great pride in beeing “the nice guy”, I try to help out, stay focused, use nice language and I try to not leave a bad team unless it’s absolutley necessary.

Well beeing unguilded leaves you no option but doing PuG’s, a lot of them..

So this night I end up in a group doing SL, I have no idea why I joined, im allready exalted, got every item there is and most of my nights I only say yes to heroics. Never the less there I am, getting summoned and run inside to find first room cleared..

oh-oh.. This means someone allready left and I’m replacing someone probably getting fed up..

Warrior pulls a group of three casters in a very strange manner and manages to get a demon patrol to. No problem, a strong team can handle it, I sheep one and assist the hunter to dps one down. Warrior dies in 3 seconds, team whipes and I freeze em all and go invisible – no team is going to pull a repair bill stunt on my ass.

We go back and the saga continues, whipe, whipe, whipe.. An hour later we have managed to clear one room with 3 groups and 2 patrols. At this stage i have to make a decision, either I keep going 3 hours more to get to murmur (wich should be done in like 60 minutes with a normal team) or I leave.

[party] [me] Hey guys i gotta go, guild needs me for Kara
[Party] [Warrior] aww 😦

*I portal to Shattara*

[Party] [Pally] Hey wtf your’e unguilded..
[party] [me] Don’t ask..

Ofc I am, I’m fekking unguilded.. what was I thinking. I left my guild a week ago and forgot (that’s how inactive they were lol)

A well, So I have some + points on my “bad guy account” so wtf, but still.. stupid move, real stupid..

Welcome to the asian grindfest 2007


RF Online is now Free to play.
For thoose of you who like to do the asian grindfest just log into your COG account and activate RF Online for a lifetime free to play offer. All of u suckers who just payed 19.99 for a free game, GRATZ!! 😛

Head over to to get your free RF Onilne Key.

Me? I’ll be staying in wow ofc, RF Online sucks so hard that even if I got payed to play it I would stay the hell out.

Progression or friends

Yes you guessed it -another Blackmoore

Today i left my guild in wow, not a big deal for me tbh.

The lack of dedication and commitment to raiding was the main reason.

It’s strange though how people seems to believe that you have to make a choice between friends and proggresion in game content. I don’t have to stay in a guild to have friends, my friendslist is more than enough for that. Progression however is different, you really need to be in a dedicated guild to se some progression.

Last week i had a lot of convos with other guildes, they all wanted to do more endgame content but was afraid to leave the guild cuz of all their friends.

What’s the problem? You have a friendslist, keep in touch and do stuff together – it’s not like your’e changing server ffs..

Iron Man the movie

Whenever a new movie with a marvel hero is in the making, I feel like a kid again waiting for santa 🙂

Ironman is going to rock, it’s one of my favourite childhood heroes and I just love the way this movie looks like.
As allways, now give me the mmorpg, City of heroes just doesen’t cut it. What about a mmo based on the marvel universe?
I wanna be a super hero growing up side by side with Hulk and what about meeting Captain America.. oh god my mind boggles.. I have to get a coffee now..

Dear mmo god.. (Part II)


I think you might have missheard me yesterday..

I made two Shadow labs runs and both of the time the boots dropped, there nice but i have them allready..
Then i made one Black Morass run and you rewarded me with revered reputation (thx) Mantle of Three Terrors, Mana-Etched Crown and Bloodfire Greatstaff

I don’t wanna seem ungreatful but all I was asking for was the caster sword from Shadow labs.. I had all the above items on my wishlist to, but hey gimmie a break, all of them in one night but still no sword from SL..

I’m going SL tonight again and this time get it right, all I want is the Great sword of Horrid dreams, capice?

Prayer to the mmo god


Please great mmo god can you make the Greatsword of Horrid Dreams drop for my mage. I’m getting really, really bored with doing Shadow labs over and over again..I have got every item there is from that instance now, i can make every pull in my sleep by now. So please, make it happen this week so i can get this out of my head and move on to another item not dropping for over 3 weeks.

Pretty please?

Chinese MMORPG bans males who play as females

“Aurora Technology, a subsidiary of Shanda and developer of the game, is freezing the accounts of male gamers with female avatars, and anybody who chooses to play as a female in the game will have to prove they are of permitted gender via webcam.”

Note to self: Never move to china