The lamest excuse for leaving a PuG

During my 12 years of online gaming I take great pride in beeing “the nice guy”, I try to help out, stay focused, use nice language and I try to not leave a bad team unless it’s absolutley necessary.

Well beeing unguilded leaves you no option but doing PuG’s, a lot of them..

So this night I end up in a group doing SL, I have no idea why I joined, im allready exalted, got every item there is and most of my nights I only say yes to heroics. Never the less there I am, getting summoned and run inside to find first room cleared..

oh-oh.. This means someone allready left and I’m replacing someone probably getting fed up..

Warrior pulls a group of three casters in a very strange manner and manages to get a demon patrol to. No problem, a strong team can handle it, I sheep one and assist the hunter to dps one down. Warrior dies in 3 seconds, team whipes and I freeze em all and go invisible – no team is going to pull a repair bill stunt on my ass.

We go back and the saga continues, whipe, whipe, whipe.. An hour later we have managed to clear one room with 3 groups and 2 patrols. At this stage i have to make a decision, either I keep going 3 hours more to get to murmur (wich should be done in like 60 minutes with a normal team) or I leave.

[party] [me] Hey guys i gotta go, guild needs me for Kara
[Party] [Warrior] aww 😦

*I portal to Shattara*

[Party] [Pally] Hey wtf your’e unguilded..
[party] [me] Don’t ask..

Ofc I am, I’m fekking unguilded.. what was I thinking. I left my guild a week ago and forgot (that’s how inactive they were lol)

A well, So I have some + points on my “bad guy account” so wtf, but still.. stupid move, real stupid..

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