I’ll always have a soft spot for Anarchy..

This is some news I don’t know if I like or not. Anarchy Online was my first real mmo, I spent my entire life there 24/7 for 5 years, almost loosing my wife in the process.. Anyways, The game is dead tbh, and then they hit us with a new graphics engine.. WTF is that about?

Craig Morrison: We have been working on the engine for some time in terms of research and preliminary work, probably close to a year already (as we have to also focus on the live product as well), but we are now in full production with it and dedicated resource assigned to it.
You can read the rest of the interview here

I’ll be sure to activate my account and check it out when the time comes, but I have a hard time seeing myself playing AO again.

Meanwhile you can download the teaser video here

Speaking of the Sun..

The vision for this multi-user virtual environment is to provide an environment that is robust enough in terms of security, scalability, reliability, and functionality that organizations can rely on it as a place to conduct real business. Organizations should be able to use Wonderland to create a virtual presence to better communicate with customers, partners, and employees.

Individuals should be able to do their real work within a virtual world, eliminating the need for a separate collaboration tool when they wish to work together with others. Individuals should also be able to tailor portions of the world to adapt to their work needs and to express their personal style.


Check it out!

Shooting bad guys and saving the entire planet

Sometimes Blackmoore likes to walk the cyberspace like an ordinary fps player

So what’s new under the sun?
Ah well you know, same old -shooting bad guys and saving the entire planet..

But seriously, I had to get out of wow. the game kills your spirit. Why? Cuz I like to reach my goals and then stay there for a while, on top, feeling like I had achieved something.
But in wow it’s 10 new levels and a new raid dungeon so fast you’re toon feels like a noob every 10 months again.

So during the holidays i upgraded my computer, not that it’s needed but still 4GB Ram and a new “Gainward GeForce 8800GT 1GB GDDR3” is always nice. We can say it’s a x-mas gift to myself..

I revisited Vanguard to, but I’ll leave that story to another post, a quick note is you can forget Vanguard, the game is a total failure and one year later it’s still an unfinished product that performs mediocre regardless of how much money you spent on your “imba” computer.

So Blackmoore picked up Battlefields 2142 again. Fast paced action without any raiding J and as always I love it.
bf2142 still has a good “chunk” of hours left in it before I give it up. I love the easy and fast fun, without having to put down a massive amount of time to get anywhere, or should I say, love not having to “get anywhere”..
Im happy to see there still a huge community playing it.

My pet project besides that is a game called 9 Dragons from “god ol” Acclaim.
9D is freeplay, but I’m impressed and the game could had been fun with better graphics and some serious development. Nevertheless it’s a great free mmo. The servers are pretty full with ppl and most of them really nice to.

The down side is that after lvl 25 the game is a major timesink and if you want you can pay for boost etc. Very asian 🙂
Try it out if you want some free fun, but leave before you get hooked.

2008 brings first Warhammer Online, I will sure try this and as a new years promise I have told my friends that this time I will play a healer for the first time in Blackmoore’s mmo history.. Yes I know it’s crazy..

Besides that we all ofc await Stargate Worlds and Star Trek Online – 2008 will be a great mmo year for us sci-fi lovers.

Now starts the era of “free” gaming, changing the color of our hair will be what we pay for from now on J