Revisiting old friends

Feels like it’s that time of the year comming up. The time where I log on my accounts in old games to confirm i’m rellay done with them. It’s tanking time with all my Blackmoore’s!


I was planning on going once again to Vanguard, City of Heroes, Anarchy Online (hopefully after the new graphics engine), LoTRO and Matrix Online.

I wont be doing WOW or SWG for the obvious reasons – I’m so fed up with wow and their community made up by kids and geeks and SWG is just plane old old old.

First out is LoTRO and Anarchy Online this weekend.

On the “new game” note I was hoping to try out Neocron but after having failed (three times) to register an account for a free trial (something wrong with their website) I have launched a support ticket and allready got a bad first impression..

Looking ahead, Earthrise looks promising. Check it out:

3 thoughts on “Revisiting old friends

  1. Wish you could come back to wow and keep on making that crazy dps, but I’ll guess that will never happen 😦 Cheers m8!

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