“The PSP PS3 Remote media streamer”

The PSP shows the XMB of the PS3 when connected and can act as a remote for music, files etc. Or as a portable mediastreamer if you like watching movies when going to the toilet..

I found out i can use my PSP as a “remote desktop” for my PS3, works like charm. No TV needed to play music for example. And streaming movies from my NAS to my PS3 to watch in bed on my PSP is really cool.

All in the wonder of WiFi connection where my PS3 acts like a access point for the PSP (and it even works over the Internet if you are traveling).

God i love high-tech!

By the way, “Age of Conan” really sux, don’t waste any money on it if you are a serious gamer.

One thought on ““The PSP PS3 Remote media streamer”

  1. A little update on this one as it seems to be the most popular thing on my blog. Don’t use your PS3 as an wifi AP, it actually works better connecting to your router and then to your PS3 via the the internet. And it let’s you rome around the house to – providing you have a router covering your whole house of course.

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