Coverdale does it once again

I hope nobody missed Whitesnakes comeback album this year, after almost 11 years silence.
And what a comeback it is, it’s 100% Whitesnake rock ‘n’ roll and Coverdale sounds just the way we’re used to hear him.

Go buy it now or be forever lost!

You still here? Get going!

Go fucking buy their album or stay stupid!

Been a while since I wrote something about music, so here goes.

Now this what I’m talking about!
People who can’t relate to this kind of music should stay the hell away from me and my family.

No “this and that” metal, just pure Rock ‘n’ Roll, timeless and from the heart.

Go fucking buy their album or stay stupid!

Guitar Hero and the “not so real deal”

I have amused myself the last couple of weeks by asking friends and family what they think of Guitar Hero. It all started out when i tried Rockband for the first time; this was my first experience with the whole scene of games where you play fake instruments while posing as a rock star.

The “real deal” and the “not so real deal” – both fun but not related to each other really

My brother kept asking me that night; It’s great isn’t it?, Do you like it?
To be honest I wasn’t all that impressed, sure it was fun, fun in a “gamelike” kind of way.

So watch the catch?
The reason my brother really wanted to know if I liked it was of course me being a pretty good guitarist with a background on stage with various garage rock ‘n’ roll bands..

Plastic piece of board versus real guitar: 0-1
And that’s the catch, as a musician, games like guitar hero doesn’t really cut it all the way..

Sure it’s fun but it’s hard playing songs you already master on a real guitar, on a plastic piece of board while hammering away green, red and yellow colors when the pass by you on a screen – can u see the dilemma?

I got somewhat disappointed with myself.
I really wanted to like games like this, join in the fun, see what everybody sees. So I started to ask everyone I meet what their experience with guitar Player etc. was. And it seems like most of the musicians I asked had the same experience like me, and most of the people who never played a instrument for real just loved it.

Just another high score to break
Well I’m not trying to rant, I decided I just have to look at games like this from a whole new angle, disconnect myself from the musician inside me and start hammering away on those green, red and yellow colors as they fly by. Treating it like any game out there – it’s all about “ones and zeros” and as soon as I realize that it’s just another high score to break..

Now and again there comes a game..

Now and again there comes a game and blows your mind away.. (most of the time it’s that game you thought was most unlikely to get your adrenaline going)

I never was a big fan of racing games, and cars. But I have always been the first to admit they work really well on PS3, Xbox etc. With that background I had no expectations when I got my hands on Burnout Paradise (Burnout 5 in the series). I had some experience with Burnout from my PSP and I had some fun with it while traveling.

Burnout Paradise is something else, from being a static game, with many tedious menus in its previous series; it now takes the step into a huge seamless gameworld, with fast paced action. Who knew Just driving around and crashing things could be so fun?

If you’re planning on buying just one racing game for your PS3 let it be Burnout Paradise, the game is huge and has everything from crashing opponents in a “takeover race” to pure hardcore fast paced racing. Besides that, you can do the stunts race, set speed records in the “Road Rule” and go for the ultimate car crash in the “Showtime” mode. And with the regular updates from Criterion the games just keeps delivering “fun”.

Last week EA announced the game can be bought thru Playstation store later this fall for about $30. Now this is finally some good news for the future digital distribution of games to come, hopefully more games will make it to the PS store as fast as Burnout did.

After completing Mass Effect, Burnout Paradise now takes the “Game of the month” position in my home – even my wife likes it, and you all know how rare that is..

Go forth and buy Burnout Paradise now!

Mass Effect

Mass Effect
This month I’m playing Mass Effect on the PC (why? There’s no Mass Effect for the PS3) and I just love it, story driven, easy to play. (yes easy to play is actually a good thing if you want to have fun sometimes)

The time to try out Mass Effect is now, you can allready find the game at half price at many stores. I love the gaming business, just wait a month or two and you can find almost any game on sale for half their original price..

Mass Effect

Fallout 3 seems to be refreshing
Most games now are formed from the same old mold, fast fps action, kill lots of badguys, pick up their weapons until you find the BFG (Big Fucking Gun) and then stick with it the rest of the game and kill everything, pick up health – rince repeat.

Fallout 3 seems to have some nice new tricks up its sleeve for the casual fun seeking gamer. Check this gameplay trailer out.

Fallout 3 gameplay

The pause mode where you can stack up your next moves, aim at certain body parts and then get that head shot played in slow motion, is really a step in the right direction. Mass Effect has the similar game play, pause, give your squad orders and then unleash hell on your enemies.