Mass Effect

Mass Effect
This month I’m playing Mass Effect on the PC (why? There’s no Mass Effect for the PS3) and I just love it, story driven, easy to play. (yes easy to play is actually a good thing if you want to have fun sometimes)

The time to try out Mass Effect is now, you can allready find the game at half price at many stores. I love the gaming business, just wait a month or two and you can find almost any game on sale for half their original price..

Mass Effect

Fallout 3 seems to be refreshing
Most games now are formed from the same old mold, fast fps action, kill lots of badguys, pick up their weapons until you find the BFG (Big Fucking Gun) and then stick with it the rest of the game and kill everything, pick up health – rince repeat.

Fallout 3 seems to have some nice new tricks up its sleeve for the casual fun seeking gamer. Check this gameplay trailer out.

Fallout 3 gameplay

The pause mode where you can stack up your next moves, aim at certain body parts and then get that head shot played in slow motion, is really a step in the right direction. Mass Effect has the similar game play, pause, give your squad orders and then unleash hell on your enemies.

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