Now and again there comes a game..

Now and again there comes a game and blows your mind away.. (most of the time it’s that game you thought was most unlikely to get your adrenaline going)

I never was a big fan of racing games, and cars. But I have always been the first to admit they work really well on PS3, Xbox etc. With that background I had no expectations when I got my hands on Burnout Paradise (Burnout 5 in the series). I had some experience with Burnout from my PSP and I had some fun with it while traveling.

Burnout Paradise is something else, from being a static game, with many tedious menus in its previous series; it now takes the step into a huge seamless gameworld, with fast paced action. Who knew Just driving around and crashing things could be so fun?

If you’re planning on buying just one racing game for your PS3 let it be Burnout Paradise, the game is huge and has everything from crashing opponents in a “takeover race” to pure hardcore fast paced racing. Besides that, you can do the stunts race, set speed records in the “Road Rule” and go for the ultimate car crash in the “Showtime” mode. And with the regular updates from Criterion the games just keeps delivering “fun”.

Last week EA announced the game can be bought thru Playstation store later this fall for about $30. Now this is finally some good news for the future digital distribution of games to come, hopefully more games will make it to the PS store as fast as Burnout did.

After completing Mass Effect, Burnout Paradise now takes the “Game of the month” position in my home – even my wife likes it, and you all know how rare that is..

Go forth and buy Burnout Paradise now!

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