Guitar Hero and the “not so real deal”

I have amused myself the last couple of weeks by asking friends and family what they think of Guitar Hero. It all started out when i tried Rockband for the first time; this was my first experience with the whole scene of games where you play fake instruments while posing as a rock star.

The “real deal” and the “not so real deal” – both fun but not related to each other really

My brother kept asking me that night; It’s great isn’t it?, Do you like it?
To be honest I wasn’t all that impressed, sure it was fun, fun in a “gamelike” kind of way.

So watch the catch?
The reason my brother really wanted to know if I liked it was of course me being a pretty good guitarist with a background on stage with various garage rock ‘n’ roll bands..

Plastic piece of board versus real guitar: 0-1
And that’s the catch, as a musician, games like guitar hero doesn’t really cut it all the way..

Sure it’s fun but it’s hard playing songs you already master on a real guitar, on a plastic piece of board while hammering away green, red and yellow colors when the pass by you on a screen – can u see the dilemma?

I got somewhat disappointed with myself.
I really wanted to like games like this, join in the fun, see what everybody sees. So I started to ask everyone I meet what their experience with guitar Player etc. was. And it seems like most of the musicians I asked had the same experience like me, and most of the people who never played a instrument for real just loved it.

Just another high score to break
Well I’m not trying to rant, I decided I just have to look at games like this from a whole new angle, disconnect myself from the musician inside me and start hammering away on those green, red and yellow colors as they fly by. Treating it like any game out there – it’s all about “ones and zeros” and as soon as I realize that it’s just another high score to break..

One thought on “Guitar Hero and the “not so real deal”

  1. Amen.

    I had a few times where the conversation went like this..

    Kid: Do you play guitar?!
    Me: Yes
    Kid: Do you play guitar hero?
    Me: No, im terrible at it
    Kid: Oh, you must suck at real guitar then.


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