The one machine..

At the 2007 EG conference, Kevin Kelly shares a fun stat: The World Wide Web, as we know it, is only 5,000 days old. Now, Kelly asks, how can we predict what’s coming in the next 5,000 days?

This is really worth watching. Go get a cup of coffee, sit back and think about the next 5000 days and the “One machine”. It’s both scary and wounderful in the same time.

“The price of total personalization is total transparency“..
Just think about it. You have? Do it again for real this time..

And if you haven’t allready among your favourite weekly visits on the Internet, it’s about time now.

The mother of all NAS

Finally got off my ass and orderd a HP MediaSmart Server EX470 today. Along with it I bought a 2GB Kingston stick to upgrade it right away. Do I need this machine? Hell no, but why not go all the way when replacing my Synology NAS? With Hot swapp and WHS this baby hopfully will keep my stuff safe and have enough functionality to last me over the fall.

Can this be the game filling the gap after Anarchy Online?

As a fan of the writer Tad Williams (author of several fantasy and science fiction novels) and mmo gaming this comes as great news. Development studio RealU, based in Singapore, today announced the MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) Otherland. Otherland, based on the best-selling novels by fantasy author Tad Williams, will appear for the PC in 2010. As many of future mmo’s to come it’s said to be based on the Unreal Engine 3 and claims to “set new technical standards for the MMOG genre”.

Whether it will set a new “standard for the mmo genre” or not, it’s a great idea if handled right.

Otherland is a series of four science fiction (cyberpunk) novels written by Tad Williams. The story is set in the mid-to-late 21st century (Some hints to a character’s age shows that the story takes place in the 2070s) where technology has advanced somewhat from the modern day. The most notable advancement has been the development of the ability for people to attach themselves fully to a computer via a nerve interface in order to experience an online world, called simply “the net”, as virtually real. Tad Williams weaves an intricate plot spanning four thick volumes and creates a picture of a future society where virtual worlds are fully integrated into everyday life.

Can this be the game actually filling the gap after Anarchy Online? Personally i really hope so. While waiting for the release 2010 i recommend you all to read the 4 novels if you haven’t yet, you wont be disapointed.