One small step for mankind..

But a giant step for me replacing my old NAS with Windows Home Server.
Why in gods name can’t a torrent client be built in from the start, what’s so hard about it?

Here’s an excellent guide how to set up uTorrent as a service and getting the web GUI to work.

Hello HP and microsoft?
– Built in support for torrents
– Download manager
– Customizable GUI for the remote access, changing pictures, tabs etc.
– built in “step-by-step” support for creating a  FTP sevice
– built in “step-by-step” support for creating your own website

I would like to se the above add-ins supported from HP from start.

Cred for PVconnect mediaserver
Cred goes to HP though for now shipping their MediaSmart Servers with PVconnect mediaserver allready built in. A step in the right direction.

As it is now, we’re a long way from any ordinary family setting up Windows Home Server out of the box for other things then sharing their xmas pictures..

Next step on the geek agenda: Moving my FTP over to WHS