Some twisted x-mas tradition


Every year around christmas it’s the same story – i reactivate my CoH account.. Apparently I have been doin this since 2004! (I had to check my transaction records to be sure) And then I play for a coupple of weeks and then quit again.. wtf is wrong with me? It has become like some twisted x-mas tradition now, and I just have to check in every x-max!

ok nvm, whatever! Here i go again, this time as a villian!

Say hello to my little friend – Lifebook T5010


Going for my third tablet PC this x-mas and welcomes Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook T5010 to my family.
My wife doesen’t think we need another PC in the house, and she’s right, we don’t.
But I do..

I went for the one with built in 3G support and upgraded it to 4GB ram before i let it in the house though

I love Spotify!


Finally we get a tool that lets us listen and pay for music legaly!

Anyone still downloading music illegally must be stupid or a real criminal.

Streaming is the way to go and personally I signed up for a paying premium account just 2 hours after I had tried out their free service – thats how fucking good this idea is and worth to support.

I strongly recommend anyone with at least half a brain and a genuine musical interest to just sign up for a premium account right away!

This weeks album would be The danish band “The Sandmen” with their laidback kick-ass rock ‘n’roll.
Check it out

Playstation Home finally in our home


Yes as of today the long awaited Playstation home Beta arrived to a consol close to you (in my bedroom right now to be exact)!

Im there (of course) and i love the idea. Now I need a new keyboard and a bluetooth headset for my PS3.
My daughter just love to change clothes and rearrange her apartment and so do I.

Now this is the future in home entertainment, now i want to be able to rent my movies and buy my full games here, go fix Sony!

Star Wars: The Old Republic – some exciting news!


So how exciting is this?
The first attempt to make a Star Wars mmorpg (SWG) was a total fail, now “the saga continues”
In a galaxy far, far away the rpg gods Bioware takes a shoot at it. They have done absolutely great rpg’s before so I really hope they pull this off.

When can i sign up for the beta? Where can I buy t-shirts?

A Different Shade of Black(moore)

Yes  ofc there’s a Blackmoore in Warhammer.. Thoose horns look sad, no?

Been a while since I talked anything about what game I’m playing atm. Well it’s WAR of course. Yes I’m stuck in it and having fun.

After having to change server, I switched sides to chaos and had to lvl up a new character once again. But it’s fun, and from beeing a moderate pvp player I’m actually starting to enjoy pvp (or RVR in this game)

Album of the week would actually be two albums, Ramones – Rocket to Russia and Europe – Out of this world.. (Yes im strange that way, listening to almost anything).

Hey! you will find them both on Spotify of course

Out of this world

Rocket to Russia