And every new year it’s the same thing..

I cancel my CoH account again..


I canceled all my other mmo accounts as well and ended up in Battlefields 2142 as usual. I must be getting old (of course I am..) – I have no time for anything but fast paced casual gaming theese days or Playstaion 3 with my daughter.

Getting my ass kicked big time
So this weeks gaming experiance goes to Playstation 3 and Little Big Planet. After getting my ass kicked the last couple of weeks in Singstar II (big time) and Guitar Hero III and Aerosmith (not so much) by my seven year old daughter she convinced me that LBP would be a more “co-op” experiance and that she would help me past the harder levels..

Musical journeys
Spotify keeps sending me on musical journeys and this weeks album “Soul Fountain” comes from a musician called Clifford Jordan – Check it out!