This is me – talking to a machine..

So this morning as usual I logged in to my Windows Home Server from work. I checked for updates and it looks like HP have changed their update search GUI. The update now does the serach and lets you check and install whatever updates available from HP. I guess they prepare us for the upcoming GUI change for MediaSmart models.


The MS Windows Home Server OS update on the other hand still just steamrolls users, while checking for updates It just starts download and install a 248MB patch for .NET SP1.. I’m sure it’s all good, but hey! I want to be able to choose when and where I run and install updates on my server. The result beeing, i can’t access my files right now cuz the damn server starts doing a major update, install and restart..

Just let me know I have a update and then ask me if NOW is a good time to start patching ffs!

This is me – talking to a machine..