The world according to Blackmoore

Diablo III

Time for a game update.
Been a while since I last checked out what was going on in the mmo world around me, and tbh I actually passed on many PC games during 2008 due to my birthday present. Sadly enough the Playstation 3 still doesn’t come with a descent mmorpg game. .

The first real mmorpg for Playstation 3?
Looks like this will change however with the development of DC Universe Online by Sony.

For a long time this was just a strange rumor on the information highway out there, but now it seems Sony has finally realized there is money to be made here (They will probably drop the ball as always and FAIL miserably). At least now it seems the world of Metropolis is playable, although lacking quests and content. Never the less, I get the idea and I love it. I have really enjoyed City of Heroes and to get the superhero concept going with my “real” heroes will be a blast. Just imagine to run alongside Flash, or having a shootout with Green Lantern..

World of Borecraft
In the wonderful world of Personal Computing there will of course be world of kidcraft followed by more, Burning kid and Wrath of the kid king during 2009.. And that really, really bores the hell out of me.

There’s this guy at work who’s got the whole family into playing World of warcraft.. Kids, wife – everyone is raiding every night.. So last time I heard of them, he’s wife was having an affair with some guy in their guild – maybe he had a longer sword?.. 😉

2009 for the serious sci-fi mmo gamer
But seriously, for the rest of us 2009 seems to be a year of waiting. Waiting and hoping for some new great ideas to either come to life or FAIL. Cheyenne Mountain’s Stargate worlds seems to be coming along fine and if we’re lucky we will se it go online by the end of this year, Star Trek Online FAILED and was resurrected by Cryptic Studios, Tad Williams “Otherland” is rumored to be under development by RealU and apparently scheduled for release 2010 (Seeing is believing however). But maybe the blockbuster of them all is the Star Wars – The Old Republic mmo by the incredibly talented Bioware. No one will ever remember Sony’s Star Wars Galaxies after this release, trust me. Be sure to keep an eye out for these games during 2009!

Got dwarf?
What’s that? “Darkfall Online”.. Wake the fuck up! Anyone can make a hardcore fantasy pvp game. Who gives a shit? Snap out of it ffs..

There is however one thing  (and one thing only) that excites me in the world of fantasy gaming – Diablo III. It’s not a mmorpg, but an rpg with multiplayer support. This will be THE remake of the year if you ask me, and I’ll be playing it, my brother will be playing it, my wife will be playing it and so will you. Hell! I’ll even get a copy for my seven year old daughter and she will be playing it for sure.

So let’s sum this up for all of you youngsters who can’t read more than one sentence without falling asleep from excessive gaming:

Stargate worlds (Chayenne Mountain) to be released late 2009

Star Trek Online (Cryptic) to be released late 2009

Otherland (RealU) to be released 2010 at best.. Maybe a beta late 2009?

Star Wars – The old republic (Bioware) to be released late 2009

Diablo III (Blizzard) to be released when Blizzard feels like it (rumored 2009)

Personally  I’ll already preordered Diablo III and my mmo money will sure go for SWTOR later this year. So see you on the dark side or in front of my light saber later this year bitches!

The future just got closer


When me and my brother grew up, the line between us and the future were drawn with the year 2000. The new millennium was a new frontier were people would live on the moon (and break away!), doors would go “Shhhhhh” and open super fast and we would all have flying cars..

Needles to say the year 2000 was a big disappointment for us.. Everything was pretty much the same as it always had been. Even the Internet was just a new way of doing the same old thing.
Now almost ten years later things start to feel different. Suddenly GPS, mobility, The Internet and many, many other things seems to add up, connect and deliver stuff that feels a bit more futuristic then before.

Check out Pattie Maes presentation on this years TED


Silence is golden


Been a while since I last updated and i blame facebook! Fun app but easy to get stuck in. Microblogging is nice and easy, but it’s no substitute for a real blog. Right now I spend my days (nights tbh) in Warhammer Dawn of war II. Now this game is more then just any ordinary RTS. The multiplayer is a pretty ordinary “build and attack” game. But in singleplayer the game gets more exciting. The campaign mode changes depending on what goals you complete, and you have no time completing all the missions available to you (this means the game can easley be played again).

In many ways a RPG
Your squads evolve during the campaign, and for every level you achieve you get to spend points on skill sets and unlocks. “Loot” is another cool feature, yes on the battlefield mobs drop loot, green, blue etc. (How world of kidcraft is this?). This can be equipped  later on. Most scenarios also have a boss who drop “phat’s” 

Overall a nice game, and of course it can be purchased for direct download  from STEAM and this is a huge plus in my book at least. My advice would be to wait a month or two when the price drops and then try it out.

Besides gaming I’m shopping for a new phone for private use. I use Nokia E71 for work and I love it, but I need a phone for myself for music, video etc. Geez this is a hard project, right now i have narrowed it down to either a iPhone or the Nokia 5800. Both phones has their pro’s and con’s tbh. iphone with a superior touch and surf but lacking in battery and camera (and being ridiculously locked down by Apple) and the Nokia 5800 with the first baby steps in touch tech by Nokia but having the stamina (battery) of a tank, a great camera. Right now I aim towards the Nokia 5800 tbh. Once you go Symbian you never turn back you know..

Now get out of here, there’s games to be played out there!