Bill Steer blows my mind away!

At the age of 40 there’s really not that much that get’s under my skin. But once and again something comes along doing just that.
Right now it’s the extremely talented guitarist Bill Steer,  an English guitar player, and founder of British Metal band Carcass.


Personally i don’t give a shit about Grindcore and Death metal but recently I stumbled on a band called Firebird inspired by 1970s rock music and founded by.. Yes! You guessed it – the extremely talented guitarist Bill Steer.

He was a guitarist for Napalm Death from 1987-1989. He played guitars in Carcass from 1985-1995. He played guitar with Michael Amott, whom he inspired to form his own bands. After the demise of Carcass he started his own band Firebird.

The Blueprint!
Firebird and Bill Steer is the blueprint for the music I write myself and my own playing style on the guitar (which has been under a lot of criticism from my former drummers who have played with me and had a hard time understanding what I’m trying to do).

Anyway, if you want to hear, what I believe to be, one of the most talented and innovative guitarists in the world right now, check out the work of Bill Steer and  Firebird.

This album will sure get on my “This weeks Spotify” later today.

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