This is me – working my last day

Not much happening right now, most nights goes away in a haze of Battlefields 2142 or recording music in Cubase. Work has been crazy the last two weeks as I aim to implement two new features in our LMS platform before I leave. Now enough with the boring workrelated stuff.


Not much excitement..
The only exciting thing going on right now is my search for a “new” used Marshall amp right now, preferably a half stack. A lot of people say they have problems with Valvstate tops. I had a Valvstate (among others, JCM, Mosfet etc.) myself way back and it worked flawlessly both live and in our studio. The reason I mention the Valvstate is there in my price range – cheap.. And I don’t want to put up a fortune for a half stack as my “live playing days” probably are over more or less.

If you have any tips or insight on what half stack would suite an old rocker like me feel free to drop me a message.

A lot more excitement in the virtual world
SWOTR, STO, DC Universe, Diablo 3 etc. etc. There’s no end to all the cool games coming later this fall. The most exciting news is ofc DC Universe for Playstation 3 (due to come 2010) and SOE even had it running on a PS3 during E3.

Star Trek Online
There’s been a new dev chat with the guys at STO

Star Wars The Old Republic
SWTOR have three new classes and some new cool class specific videos.
The Smuggler
Now this looks like your average Han Solo kinda guy. And we all know “”Traveling Thru Hyperspace Ain’t Like Dustin Crops Boy.”. Looks like the “small arms dual wielder”. Check it out!

The trooper
This is your solider ranged weapons specialist. Even if the trooper have some close combat moves it’s in ranged combat, lobbing grenades and firing heavy weapons he will be at he’s best. You will remember “The Solja” from Anarchy Online. You played Atrox solja ofc 😀

The Bounty Hunter
This looks like the “Jack of all trades” guy for the Dark side. With a variety of tricks and gadgets there known as “The Jedi Killers”.. They obviously  never met Obi Wan Blackmoore yet..

Besides that, Aion (The asian makeover gay fly like an angel game) had its closed beta Phase one and by the time we all had downloaded the client it was all over – had to be the shortest beta in the mmo history. Anyway there going for Phase two starting 19th of June. If you’re lucky you might even get the chance to log in this time.. I’m not even going to put up a link for this lame gay game.


DC Universe on Playstation 3!
For the first time publicly, SOE showed off DC Universe Online using a Playstation 3. Now this is f***ing great news! Check out the interview  with SOE Creative director Jens Anderson made by the great guys at Watch the Interview with Jens Anderson.  It’s exciting as hell with a mmorpg for the PS3!

This is me, working my last day before I go on my seven week long vacation(!)  Yes you heard me – I am taking back every inch of overtime done the last year now!

Peace out! (Not if we meet in the battlefield ofc)