Maintenance update for Maemo 5 closing in

As per the recent post on maemo-community, some members of the community have a later firmware now on their N900 devices – Fremantle PR1.1 .

And the first report from the choosen few testers states:
2009-12-23 23:57:50 GMT+3
“Synchronization between N900 and MS Exchange 2003 Server works fine in 2.2009.51-1.”
Check it out!

Oh joy!

Official information for the Community testers for Fremantle PR 1.1

All this should indicate that the public maintenance update for Maemo 5 cant be that far away, my bet is a couple of weeks at the worst.

This is great news, and im sure the exchange 2003 fix will make a great deal of users very happy – i know I am.

Installing Mozilla Fennec on N900

Feeling bold and eager to check out Mozillas Mobile Browser Fennec? Well you can!
The latest version 1.0b5 is still a slow and pretty buggy experiance compared to the great built in Maemo browser (also a Mozilla browser). So check it out on your own risk, and dont get your hopes up to much just yet.

set up your Application Manager to check in the Mozilla  repository for the latest version to install below.

Fennec releases are provided as .deb packages and can be installed directly to your N900 from the Application Manager. But first, you’ll need to configure your Application Manager to look in the Mozilla repository. That’s easy to do and once you do it, you won’t need to worry about it again. Here is the quick information for setting up the Application Manager:

Adding support for test software on your N900

Adding the Extras-testing Repository (you do this ofc on your own god damn risk)

On your N900 device, go into App Manager, top menu, “Repositories”


and add the following repository:


Name: Maemo Extras Testing
Distribution: fremantle
Sections: free non-free
Enabled: YES

N900 is everything i allways wanted from a phone

It might be the most unfinished product i ever have seen released from nokia software wise. But who cares – we get it all in future software updates. The lack of support for exchange 2003 in mfe (Mail for Exchange) might be the worst.. A fix is released internaly and are due to hit the users “before xmas” according to Nokia but this means mid january ofc..

looking at the build quality it’s by far the best piece of hardware i have ever seen in a phone. This is no “girly iPhone” – this is a “tool” for real geeks who wants it all. Freedom to hack, install, config and develop whatever you want. No Android “Google Evil Empire” phone, no “Apple lockdown”. Maemo is the markets first real 100% open source OS for phones and i love it.


This post is ofc all made from my N900. Including image. Pretty neat!

Bringing Dunegons and Dragons to Microsoft Surface

A walk-through of the current build of a proof of concept for a Dungeons & Dragons experience on the Microsoft Surface. Created by the Surfacescapes team at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University.