Mussorgsky 0.4 – A must have for any serious N900 owner

List your media content, pick album and Mussorgsky 0.4 suggests cover

“Many are called but few are choosen”
When it comes to developing – the simplest idea can be far greater then the most advanced programs as long as it solves a problem for people, simplifying their everyday life for real.

Album cover art should be simple enough on any mediaplayer device, yes?
I have come across a lot of solutions to this problem, everyting from renaming a ceartin file and a image file, from downloading a complex program to your computer to manage your media on your N900.

What all the solutions above have in common is – they all suck as hard as a hooker trying to suck a golf ball thru a garden hoose..

Pick album cover from the suggested covers, or reset your cover back to blank

This is the power of maemo!
Now this is not your everyday phone/computer/media player – this is the N900. And if Nokia can’t provide,  then someone else will. In this case Ivan Frade shows us that album cover art on the N900 is a simple matter and no rocket science with the Mussorgsky 0.4 app.
This is the power of maemo!

Behold – Mussorgsky 0.4
install, select album, pick suggested album cover art from the internet and voiala! Your albums all have nice covers.
I had Album covers fixed for my 200+ albums in about 5 minutes after I picked up this one from the extras-devel repository.

Mussorgsky 0.4 – A must have for any serious N900 owner

I salute you Ivan Frade – pay tribute by visiting he’s blog

3 thoughts on “Mussorgsky 0.4 – A must have for any serious N900 owner

  1. Really nice tip, straight here from a google search. Ive installed it and you are such a life saver, thanks for posted this! Ive got over 200 albums on my shelf then imported into itunes, the last thing in wanted to do is trawl the web for album art…I pretty much want your babies right now.

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