How i lost my lust for online gaming

I started with online games when most of you still were wearing dipers, back in the 90’s. I played all the original FPS games on various servers, Doom, Heretic,CS, Quake etc and then moved on to mmorpgs. I have highlevel characters with the “phatest loot” in almost every major game out there from Anarchy Online to Star Trek Online.

Games come and go and as soon as I hit the max level and raided myself sensless for the loot I move on for the next game. Im like a chinese farmer tbh, and there’s probably more then one diagnose to be made by a psyciatrist on my manic behaviour.. 

Im in it for the honor of winning fair and square and allways have been in any game.
But one game that has followed me since release is Battlefields 2142. Even while i was still raiding with my friends in world of warcraft i secretly went back every week to play my Character “Felexebility” in BF2142. Most of the players in BF2142 that have played against me would probably agree that im a fearsome oponent with some serious skills, and a fun player to fight against. I have always taken great pride (the mature player that I am) in beeing fair, no whining and most importantly I never cheat. No glithching, no exploits – nothing. It’s not my style. If I cant beat you in a fair fight you end up on my friendslist and I try again, and again, and again.. get it? Im in it for the honor of winning fair and square and allways have been in any game.

My playingstyle frustrates some people, somtimes the “wrong” people..
Needless to say my some what “manic” playingstyle frustrates some people, and somtimes people have aqused me for cheating (sorry, but im just better then you. It’s that simple), sometimes they ram me with various vechicles (and still i never ever report you to the admin, because it’s ok. Really! i can relate to the feeling), sometimes they try to vote me off the server (and that always end up with very few people voting against me, as Im a fun player and players like me and many others makes the game fun to play.

Sucks, I know but what can you do when people just have to compensate for beeing to young with just a 3 inch penis?
last months I have been playing on the GFB Firebirds clan server for 64 players (Titan mode), I just love the 64 player Titan mode, it’s chaos and fast paced action. two nights ago I had a really good evening, and I played really well ending up among the top 3 players again and again. I know from previous experiance that playing really good while having people from the clan server you play on on the other team is a hazard.. There’s a lot of kids with admin rights or just clan players with very little real power in IRL getting easely pissed if you kill them to many times so they get so frustrated they at the worst kick you from the server. Still it never happend to me yet – i have tried to show everyone i keep my game clean and fair. But I have seen it happen to other really good players. Sucks, I know but what can you do when people just have to compensate for beeing to young with just a 3 inch penis?

So two nights ago on the BF2142 64player Titan server, it finally happens.. I lay out some mines, and go on a serious killing spree, I dont think i even die once during this killing spree. While beeing chased by a jeep trying to kill me (he ended up dead lol) one of the BFG Firebirds clan players comes driving he’s tank and my sneaky placed mines just kills him – totally fair.  The lame fuck had it coming for driving over my mines, simple.
I wont mention he’s gamer tag – but the guy totally looses it and gets frustrated like a little child and kicks me and then bans me for “Killing a teammate” !? This is not only impossible to do with “friendly Fire” set to off  but HE WAS ON THE OTHER TEAM FFS AND HAD TO DIE!

I prob be banned for life now for writing this, but hey, who gives a shit. Im 42 yo, makes a shitload of money and have a dick like tarzan!

Peace out people, and remember if you see a player from BFG Firebirds online, think twice before you kill them, if they have a bad day they kick and ban your ass before you have the chance to say “sorry” even if there on the “other team”


And to the BFG player kicking me. Sorry, but this is how the game works, any game in fact. If youre on the other team Im gonna come down on your ass hard and I really dont give a shit that your in the clan, cuz you know what motherfucker? Ingame im your worst nightmare as long as were not on the same team, but come see me IRL I’ll buy you a beer (or  a icecream.. LOL!)

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