Addicted to binary bullshit

Remember “back in the day” when going on vaction ment no phone, no computer and your contact with the rest of the world was limited to a postcard every now and then during the trip? And in best case it had arrived before you came home..

Gentlemen – Start your engines!

If your answer is “no..” youre probably a lot younger then me. Most of my vacations was actually spent like above. No contact with work, no phonecalls, no TV, no idea where or what my friends was up to. When you got home you made slides of all your pictures, inviting friends over and had “show and tell”.  And remember – this is not 100 years ago. Im “only” 42 yo, mind you.

With facebook hitting over 150 million mobile users it’s safe to asume we’re not in Kansas anymore – Blackmoore

My answer is “Hell no!”
Now I share my pictures and videos with the rest of my friends the same second things happen on my Nokia N900. Writing “status messages” telling my network where i am and when im doing “it”. I get a shitload of mail from work every coupple of minutes, SMS, MMS from my mother, father, friends etc. updating me on every little thing there up to.. And with facebook hitting over 150 million mobile users it’s safe to asume we’re not in Kansas anymore!

Yesterday my computer even asked me if I wanted to activate the built in GPS while I was connecting via 3G.. My answer was “Hell no!” and I started to think – is this really “beeing away”?

Addicted to binary bullshit
Seems to me like were just changing location but we still do the same things and the factor of stress is just as high – were all addicted to binary bullshit.

So fuck this! – this is my last blogpost for a coupple of weeks, and I wont be using facebook, flickr, youtube either. I just turned my phone off to – cuz i don’t want another bullshit sms from my father updating me on whatever he’s up to!

This is Blackmoore – signing out from binary bullshit!

Comics, the new literature

When i grew up comics was never really accepted as “good culture” – as my generation got older we had Marvel, DC in the back of our heads from our childhood. This made directors making movies, songs being written, new better comics drawn etc.

Unfortunatly for us not living in the states, we often have a limited knowledge of all the great comics out there beeing drawn, Internet is finally about to change that and with the new tablet readers it wont be long before we all can read whatever comics we want,whenever we want.

A totally amazing comic i really recommend is – Ultimate Adventures.  This was a six-issue comic book, written by Ron Zimmerman and drawn by Duncan Fegredo, and published by Marvel Comics. It starred Hawk-Owl and Woody, two characters who were purposefully designed as blatant parodies of Batman and Robin. At the time of its publication, it was the only Ultimate title to introduce characters who were not explicitly based on pre-existing Marvel characters.

Be sure to check it out if you love comics, and if you havent been reading a lot of comics before try it out before you dismiss it. Comics are for everyone!

My apologies to the GFB Clan.

While spending my day by the pool watching my daughter swim for endless hours, i had the chance to think a lot about the last night of playing BF2142, my GFB rant and later it’s follow up. I feel i have to make an apology to the GFB Clan.

As a token of good faith you can have my dogtag 😛

Yesterday i ended up on their new -=GFB ONE=-  Server and had a quick chat with one of their admins, Firebird666.  It was nothing special at all, we talked about my blog, where I was from etc. no big deal at all, the thing is that it made me realize that most of them are just players like me, want to have fun and above all – win fair and square and kick the living shit out of every mofo that comes in their way! Fair enough – we share that.

So guys, I still think my kicking and ban was totally unfair, but i have to admit that it’s more likely it really was a mistake on your part. Shit can get really hectic during warfare, and the server can switch sides on you faster then a bat out of hell. Or.. You can get really pissed when “Flex” lays he’s mines sneaky like hell and blows up your tank 😛

Anyway, water under the bridge . Im sorry GFB Clan – I have to admit that your server is the best out there, and I have so much fun playing on it with you guys, and some times against you :). I have learned a shitload from you guys during the years, thx.

Maybe the incident with the drunken english TAF admin last night made me realize something – theres really some stupid people out there but the GFB Clan are not one of thoose.

Be sure you chek out their new -=GFB ONE=-  Server if you want some serious action!

Luck has everything to do with it..
And to the rest of you motherfuckers out there – especially the guy yesterday screaming “Cheater” all over. If there one thing you can be 100% sure of, it’s – Flexebility never ever cheats or uses any thirdpart program to kick your ass. As sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, I will kick youre ass on pure skill and most often.. pure luck hehe.


A bunch of old men, drinking beer and trying to play BF2142

Been missing out on a lot of things lately. The Heatwave over europe is making life unbareable for us computer geeks. My Windows Home Server having a hard time in the heat – thinking about moving it out to the garage.. Gaming is hard when the world around you is brighter then a thousand suns..

Kicked of the server from hell
Anyway, last night i got my ass kicked from the TAF clan server lol!
Got in a team with one of their admins, an aggitated english drunk who kept on screaming orders over VOIP and making absolutley no sense at all.

We all tried our best to hear what the fuck he was on about and managed to hear “attack one” – so i got Silo one, killing every1 there and managed to hold it while going back and forth to other silos taking them to just to “fuck things up” for the other team. The drunk english whore kept on screaming making no sense at all, one of my team mates tried to ask him in the chat what he was on about with no result. So finally he said “Right, im kicking you Flex!” so I got a “Kicking for not listening”.  And i was like – “YES! finally, thankyou god!”

Beeing kicked out from a server with a bunch of old men, drinking beer and trying to play BF is hardly a punishment – it’s a fucking release. What a fucking bunch of loosers, I’ll never play there again lol.

Some cool music with Billy Sheenan
And i have been missing out to update “This weeks Spotify”, it’s turning in to “This months spotify” soon – but I have been listening a lot to Billy Sheehan’s Neo-fusion trio “Niacin”.

Check out this great song from them

If you havent heard of Billy Sheehan yet. he was the former baseplayer of Mr. Big and played with David Lee Roth with Steve Vai. I recommend giving him a chance if you like music in a serious way.

A warning thou – dont play music on spotify while gaming, It has got me killed more then a few times..

Well im off to the pool getting some water spalshed over me and a bit of sun!