Comics, the new literature

When i grew up comics was never really accepted as “good culture” – as my generation got older we had Marvel, DC in the back of our heads from our childhood. This made directors making movies, songs being written, new better comics drawn etc.

Unfortunatly for us not living in the states, we often have a limited knowledge of all the great comics out there beeing drawn, Internet is finally about to change that and with the new tablet readers it wont be long before we all can read whatever comics we want,whenever we want.

A totally amazing comic i really recommend is – Ultimate Adventures.  This was a six-issue comic book, written by Ron Zimmerman and drawn by Duncan Fegredo, and published by Marvel Comics. It starred Hawk-Owl and Woody, two characters who were purposefully designed as blatant parodies of Batman and Robin. At the time of its publication, it was the only Ultimate title to introduce characters who were not explicitly based on pre-existing Marvel characters.

Be sure to check it out if you love comics, and if you havent been reading a lot of comics before try it out before you dismiss it. Comics are for everyone!

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