Addicted to binary bullshit

Remember “back in the day” when going on vaction ment no phone, no computer and your contact with the rest of the world was limited to a postcard every now and then during the trip? And in best case it had arrived before you came home..

Gentlemen – Start your engines!

If your answer is “no..” youre probably a lot younger then me. Most of my vacations was actually spent like above. No contact with work, no phonecalls, no TV, no idea where or what my friends was up to. When you got home you made slides of all your pictures, inviting friends over and had “show and tell”.  And remember – this is not 100 years ago. Im “only” 42 yo, mind you.

With facebook hitting over 150 million mobile users it’s safe to asume we’re not in Kansas anymore – Blackmoore

My answer is “Hell no!”
Now I share my pictures and videos with the rest of my friends the same second things happen on my Nokia N900. Writing “status messages” telling my network where i am and when im doing “it”. I get a shitload of mail from work every coupple of minutes, SMS, MMS from my mother, father, friends etc. updating me on every little thing there up to.. And with facebook hitting over 150 million mobile users it’s safe to asume we’re not in Kansas anymore!

Yesterday my computer even asked me if I wanted to activate the built in GPS while I was connecting via 3G.. My answer was “Hell no!” and I started to think – is this really “beeing away”?

Addicted to binary bullshit
Seems to me like were just changing location but we still do the same things and the factor of stress is just as high – were all addicted to binary bullshit.

So fuck this! – this is my last blogpost for a coupple of weeks, and I wont be using facebook, flickr, youtube either. I just turned my phone off to – cuz i don’t want another bullshit sms from my father updating me on whatever he’s up to!

This is Blackmoore – signing out from binary bullshit!

One thought on “Addicted to binary bullshit

  1. Been looking for you online the last week man, now I get it heh! Se when you get home! (and I’ll hunt you down)

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