Heroes of Might and Magic Online – Big mistake!

Way back, before most of you were born I played a game called Heroes of Might and Magic, it was a wonderful turn based strategy game set in a fantasy world, you had your heroes, your foes, building your cities, and most of all you traveled around hunting for treasures. Most of all the game had some excellent sound effects, pretty little neat “bonus-sounds” that really made you feel like “Wow I really found some nice treasures here!”.

I just had to try this, being free and all..
Before you read any further – This game is so bad it pains me, really it does.

Most browser games are better done than this actually. The sound is terrible, the graphics poor and the effects nonexistent – I mean there’s really nothing.. No shadows, no fog, no animations. Actually I had to install HOMM II from 1996 just to compare them, and Jesus, the game from 1996 actually looks better, sounds better and plays better.

Painfully stupid
The GUI is painfully stupid, with locked windows unmovable, the text most of the time unreadable and parts of it still in some Asian language.. I mean hey.. WTF.. If this game is aimed at the Asian market you have to have some pretty low thoughts about Asians..

What makes me lose my nerve is how UbiSoft can let their game get raped like this?

If you have to try this out despite of the above, god luck!


The final MMO blow for Acclaim?

Starting next month 9Dragons will be published by GamersFirst . According to a press release gamers currently playing 9Dragons under Acclaim’s publication will continue their service uninterrupted when the game changes hands next month.

What’s more interesting is the fact that Acclaim has lost almost all of their MMORPGS now..
Since Playdom bought out Acclaim earlier this year, it seems there more aimed towards their social games.

9Dragons itself is nothing to cry about tbh, the game is a huge  Asian grindfest. Don’t be fooled by the “Free2Play” concept, you will get absolutely nowhere without buying levels, xp and gear thru micropayments. And most of the people you will meet in game are Asian gold farmers.

The market in game is one of the craziest places i ever seen in a mmo – with hilarious pricing, managed by bots sitting all over the place..
To see this would actually be the only reason trying out this game if you ask me..

Check out their new fancy trailer (which has nothing to do with the reality)

This is all quite sad, cuz it would be really cool with a good Kung-Fu mmo out there, imagine what you could do with that and the whole asian theme, with different dojos and houses fighting for power.

But right now I am a bit ashamed there’s a “Blackmoore” in 9Dragons..

Hell yeah!

THQ and Vigil Games have released their Gamescom 2010 trailer, which features the game’s first announced playable race, the Imperium of Man.

“WoW clone”, “DoW clone” – Who gives a shit!
Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online (est.rel 2013) will surely be played by any Warhammer fan out there, including myself.


The game where I lost my virginity..

My real passion for online gaming started way back when a rumor circulated on the Internet about a game in development, a game that could hold thousands of players simultaneously in a persistent 3D world, this world would have shops, clothing, PvP action. As a newly arrived colonist you would have to make a choice between the corporate Omni-Tek and the rebellious Clan. With nothing but the clothes on your body you would have to choose sides and work your way through society, being able to level to the amazing(!) level 100 and manipulate  every skill you learned as you explored the waste lands of Rubi-Ka.. Yes, I’m talking about Anarchy Online – the game where I lost my virginity.

For years, I read everything I could about this game, following its progress and waiting for the release. So finally it got released in the summer of 2001, the first game in the genre to include a science-fiction setting, dynamic quests, free trials, and in-game advertising.

“woot!”, “AFK” and “leet!”
I can still remember that feeling when I logged on for the first time in the “backyard” where you spent your first five levels.. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, and the manual was pretty basic. The GUI was non-existent, and most of the things was done via the command line. But I loaded up my guns and went out hunting. After a couple of minutes I realized that I was actually fighting side by side by real people from around the world, my heartbeat raised and suddenly my little computer room felt connected to the whole world for real.. People was chatting, screaming “woot!”, “AFK” and “leet!”, teaming and hunting. It was a totally amazing feeling, we all felt like pioneers for real, exploring a new world (which in fact was what we were doing).

I phoned my brother and got him in the game
I was totally blown away, and I played 24/7 for the first couple of weeks. I phoned my brother and got him in the game, he was hooked just like me in minutes after logging in. I spent  about 4-5 years in AO, raiding at the highest level, got every item there was, bought every expansion and did the same thing over again, in the end I even was the leader of one of the largest raiding guilds in the game. It was crazy, and many of the friends I made in the game will be my friends for life.

My addiction almost cost me my marriage
Finally it had to end, my addiction almost cost me my marriage, I was totally burnt out with several characters with the best gear possible, raiding the highest content on a regular basis.

I have no regrets for the time I spent in Rubi-Ka, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Since then the sci-fi genre has a special place in my heart when it comes to mmo’s, and the lack of good sci-fi mmo’s has made me frustrated over the years, and more so lately..

Just for fun i tried to round up as many mmo’s as possible, both the active ones and the ones in development to be released later. Just to get an overall picture of what genres being developed.

Well fuck me sideways.. wtf is up with all this fantasy shit?
Well anyways, from the 60’ish sci-fi mmo games there’s actually only one that get my hopes up for a “new Anarchy Online”, a game called Earthrise.
And besides the franchise titles like Stargate, Star Wars etc. the rest actually looks like poo..

So check out Earthrise http://www.play-earthrise.com/ due to be released later in 2010 (I would prepare for 2011 actually, with a open beta in 2010)