The final MMO blow for Acclaim?

Starting next month 9Dragons will be published by GamersFirst . According to a press release gamers currently playing 9Dragons under Acclaim’s publication will continue their service uninterrupted when the game changes hands next month.

What’s more interesting is the fact that Acclaim has lost almost all of their MMORPGS now..
Since Playdom bought out Acclaim earlier this year, it seems there more aimed towards their social games.

9Dragons itself is nothing to cry about tbh, the game is a huge  Asian grindfest. Don’t be fooled by the “Free2Play” concept, you will get absolutely nowhere without buying levels, xp and gear thru micropayments. And most of the people you will meet in game are Asian gold farmers.

The market in game is one of the craziest places i ever seen in a mmo – with hilarious pricing, managed by bots sitting all over the place..
To see this would actually be the only reason trying out this game if you ask me..

Check out their new fancy trailer (which has nothing to do with the reality)

This is all quite sad, cuz it would be really cool with a good Kung-Fu mmo out there, imagine what you could do with that and the whole asian theme, with different dojos and houses fighting for power.

But right now I am a bit ashamed there’s a “Blackmoore” in 9Dragons..

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