Heroes of Might and Magic Online – Big mistake!

Way back, before most of you were born I played a game called Heroes of Might and Magic, it was a wonderful turn based strategy game set in a fantasy world, you had your heroes, your foes, building your cities, and most of all you traveled around hunting for treasures. Most of all the game had some excellent sound effects, pretty little neat “bonus-sounds” that really made you feel like “Wow I really found some nice treasures here!”.

I just had to try this, being free and all..
Before you read any further – This game is so bad it pains me, really it does.

Most browser games are better done than this actually. The sound is terrible, the graphics poor and the effects nonexistent – I mean there’s really nothing.. No shadows, no fog, no animations. Actually I had to install HOMM II from 1996 just to compare them, and Jesus, the game from 1996 actually looks better, sounds better and plays better.

Painfully stupid
The GUI is painfully stupid, with locked windows unmovable, the text most of the time unreadable and parts of it still in some Asian language.. I mean hey.. WTF.. If this game is aimed at the Asian market you have to have some pretty low thoughts about Asians..

What makes me lose my nerve is how UbiSoft can let their game get raped like this?

If you have to try this out despite of the above, god luck!


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