Lost myself in MoH Tier 1

Got myself a new toy, and it’s called “M16”..
So last week i found Medal of Honor Tier 1 in my mailbox, totally forgot I preordered it a year ago.. I have a tendency to preorder games from www.webhallen.com years ahead, and then when they arrive I either get a happy surprise or a unpleasant “omfg what was I thinking..”.

I had no expectations really – yet another “call of Duty clone”?
But boy was I wrong..
I played the first mission, got dizzy from all the “head bobbing” and decided to try out the multiplayer while preparing for mission 2. For the first time in my gaming history I never went back to play the single player game – there’s just no reason. The multiplayer part of the game is so much fun I just can’t bare myself to play anything else right now.

Sure there’s been a lot of criticism regarding the multiplayer part of the game, too hard, too much skill needed, ppl just play sniper and ruining the game, too hard to spot the opponents etc.

And there probably right, it’s hardcore, and some matches just gets fucked up when the most part of the team spawns as snipers. But who cares, it’s just a game.

If you can’t stand to lose in a game, this game might not be the right game for you..


Update for N900 released today

Software Version
V 20.2010.36-2 – Maemo 5-2 OS

Nokia NSU News
This software release brings Nokia Ovi Suite support to your device. With Nokia Ovi Suite, you can easily back up and synchronise files and messages between your device and PC. There are also many performance improvements that make your device run more smoothly. To get this software through your device, select Applications > Software Update, and choose the software you want to update. Alternatively, this software release is available through the Nokia Software Updater.”

Yes it worked a bit faster, and then a minute later i was sitting there with my unsupported Maemo OS again..

Im not sure i care.. Maemo OS is dead in the water with no official future support for Megoo from Nokia – does anyone really still use the N900 as their main phone?
I just play around with mine while waiting for Samsung Omnia 7 or the HTC Trophy

That’s not a phone, now this is a phone

OMG how can he go from open source to the closed WP7?!!
Easy, im tired of having problems with small stuff that really just should work out of the box.

Thx for the ride and fuck off Nokia.