Champions Online Goes Free2Play

Maybe not so suprising now with DCUO release, but CO never relly got me exicited. However, free is always a great thing. Yes you can still pay for the game if you want, but as a free player you are confined to one archetype instead of having the full freedom as a paying goldmember.

DC Universe Online
Personally i lost my intrest a few weeks after release for various reasons, but i’ll be sure to try it out again now that free play is here. Later thou, cuz right now im deeply hooked in DC Universe Online, and im having so much fun I can’t imagine myself playing anything else right now. But you know me, it can change as fast as the raiding content comes to an end.

And I have only “Batcave” left to do..

Play Champions Online for free!

Unplanned But Exciting Event!

For those of you no longer present in Anarchy Online, someone got ahold of an account with GM powers and proceeded to have fun with it on the live servers for a period of almost two hours.

” this individual really did go out of his way to put on a spectacular show with special guest stars like The Beast and Tarasque making special appearances in Borealis.”

I wish i still was in the game to se that – but then again… naaah!
Playing AO 2011 would be like using pen and paper sending mail the oldschool way – just plain stupid!

WP7 update closing in!

Next update for Windows Phone seems to be close now – Some pretty cool performance tweaks by how the OS handles the memory – this infact effects every single app. And yes “Copy & Paste” will be there.

Look at thoose phones race against eachother – beats sports any day!

2010 in review

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