I stopped smoking crack for RIFT

So once again Blackmoore ventures forth into another game. This time RIFT finally comes out of Beta and into “headstart” (The offical release is 4/3 in europe and 1/3 in US).

Yet another Blackmoore, this time in RIFT

The main idea is “We make a copy of a very popular mmo and make it better, with cooler graphics, smarter gameplay and make it all totally configurable so that any player can make whatever macro, UI they want”

The game was great in Beta, the game in headstart is totally awasome. It runs smooth, looks great, handles great and most important – It’s fun!
Besides the concept of “rifts” (kinda open world raids open for anyone) it’s the little things that made me fall for RIFT troughout the Beta – Like when teaming up with your friend get the question “Your friend is in another playfield, you want to go there?”. Or the connection to twitter, where the game auto tweets your achivements and sends a screenshot. etc. etc.

The only problem now is there’s not enough servers, Withefall had over 3 hours waiting time today, and It’s the same on any server now..
Trion has to seriously fix this asap!

Besides that –  this is a game any serious mmo fan has to try out for themselves tbh – so preorder now and get your head in the game!

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