I stopped smoking crack for SWTOR

Been a long, long time since i got a game and stopped eating, stopped sleeping, stopped talking to the rest of my family.. But that’s exactly what happend when I got into the pre-release of SWTOR a week ago.

3 days after i activated my pre-release i signed up for 3 months, bought the digital deluxe edition and found myself infront of the mirrior with a full beard contemplating various reasons to call in sick for work..

I have always had a soft spot for sci-fi, and especially sci-fi mmo’s. Maybe im still hunting for that first virgin experience i had way back when i started out with mmo’s or maybe it’s just my generation growing up with Star Trek, Space: 1999, William Gibson’s Neuromancer or movies like Totall Recall. I stopped long ago trying to understand why. Fact is you have to reach a pretty high standard to impress me with a sci-fi mmo. SWTOR did.

The feeling and scenery is probably the most important. Sony missed the spot with Star Wars Galaxies, they made a mmo like any other and knew the money would come just because they had the franchise. Big mistake. Bioware, beeing the leeding experts on rpg, made a rpg built for online play with the goal to be extremley true to the lore. This is what makes and breaks a game like this.

The locations are spot on, when you enter Coruscant for the first time it’s jaw dropping.. The sounds, the constant streams of shuttles, ships and speeders comming and going are just amazing. The music increasing when you encounter a rouge droid, the sound of your blaster, rockets or lightsaber – it’s all just so Star Wars.

The constant battle between light and dark, the decisions you make and how they effect your characters alignment but in the same time it’s relations with your companion (or the whole crew of you ship). It’s just not that easy beeing just evil or just good – it’s like real life, sometimes you just do bad things even though you’re a good guy.. Nothing is black or white.

All this are intruduced in portions,missions, instances, companions, crafting, your own ship, mount etc. Very clever
Or as my friend “Southwest” said “OMG it’s like having my own dollhouse with dolls to play with”

Star Wars fan or not – if you like mmo’s this is a must have game. Play a character to 25 and then make up your mind. I bet you’re still there at lvl 50.



Been playing SWTOR for the last days, nothing hardcore just levels 1-15

– Flawless, no issues
– Missions are smooth, fun and very story driven
– Flashpoints (dunegons) are fun so far
– Very polished, game is really rdy for release (This is in fact rare theese days in new releases..)

levels 1-5
Learning the lingo, the character, moves, skills

Getting hang of teaming, exploring, hunting

At lvl 10 the real world opens up, crewskills (tradeskills) Flashpoints (Dunegons), travel, Auctionhouses, Social skills etc etc

Whatever you think of the game when you start out, don’t form your opinions before lvl 10. levels 1-10 really are just training grounds.

*edit* I’ll get som screens up ltr tonight of Blackmoore in SWTOR