Been playing SWTOR for the last days, nothing hardcore just levels 1-15

– Flawless, no issues
– Missions are smooth, fun and very story driven
– Flashpoints (dunegons) are fun so far
– Very polished, game is really rdy for release (This is in fact rare theese days in new releases..)

levels 1-5
Learning the lingo, the character, moves, skills

Getting hang of teaming, exploring, hunting

At lvl 10 the real world opens up, crewskills (tradeskills) Flashpoints (Dunegons), travel, Auctionhouses, Social skills etc etc

Whatever you think of the game when you start out, don’t form your opinions before lvl 10. levels 1-10 really are just training grounds.

*edit* I’ll get som screens up ltr tonight of Blackmoore in SWTOR

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