My quest for the perfect tablet is over


Asus Transformer Pad TF700T streaming a full HD in 1080p from my Windows Home Server. Flawless, no lag, with amazing quality..  Shit I cant ask for more. My quest for a tablet that fit my needs are over.

*edit* Before anyone asks, I use “BSplayer” to connect to my server and play my videos. The Free version works great so far.

Note to self

This is how you put your SIM card in the X220 Tablet. Stop doubting yourself and just do it, restart and IT WILL WORK.

Next time stop fiddeling around with this shit and just follow the above instruction.

Sometimes I just make myself sick . im supposed to be a f***ing expert on theese things – but then again how hard can it be to just put a little symbol in the plastic just by the slot to show the users wich way we should put the SIM card?

BUT NOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAA, we have to read a 250 pages long manual just to confirm we did it right and forgot to restart.

Fuck you Lenovo