Note to self

This is how you put your SIM card in the X220 Tablet. Stop doubting yourself and just do it, restart and IT WILL WORK.

Next time stop fiddeling around with this shit and just follow the above instruction.

Sometimes I just make myself sick . im supposed to be a f***ing expert on theese things – but then again how hard can it be to just put a little symbol in the plastic just by the slot to show the users wich way we should put the SIM card?

BUT NOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAA, we have to read a 250 pages long manual just to confirm we did it right and forgot to restart.

Fuck you Lenovo

2 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. “The pictures on pages 146 and 147 of the First Edition of the User Guide are wrong”
    Yes you are quite correct, fuck you lenovo.

    This isn’t even the first laptop/portable computer they’ve “missed” to add this little engraving in the plastic, i remember one computer where i put the sim in one way, booted, nothing, put it in another way, booted, nothing etc etc. Depending on how stupid you are there are up to four different ways of putting it in, i managed three and then redid the first wrong again so my fifth attempt was the successful one.
    They’re durable as hell, but god damn they’re full of designflaws..

    And to top it off their webservers run slow as molasses this last week, googling for information is easy, getting to load the page (complete with pictures) is hell.

  2. I knew there were others out there! Yes there built like tanks, but it’s when the manufacturer goes that extra mile we stay with it. Just like a little plastic engraving. Can we just take a moment and all around the world join together in hate towards tricknology!

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