TF600T versus TF700T

“Asus TF600T Win8 RT” versus “Asus TF700T Android”
Aww damn this is hard as hell. The TF600 is smaller (still 10,1). Not much, but actually just enough to make it perfect for my hands. The formfactor on the 600 feels really optimized and somtimes the 700 can feel a bit to big actually. But that’s all about preferences.

If you like a more indepth view on the TF600, check out my “month with ASUS TF600” review

The TF600 feels overall sturdier, and the screen fits alot better at the edges while the TF700 feels a bit flexible and screen can be a bit soft in the corners (known problem). The TF700 just feels way to easy to break. While the TF600 have more of that iPad feeling.

TF600 ontop of a TF700 – if they make babies
it might be a Galaxy S3 running WP8..

This is microsoft – compared to Android it’s just a different feeling. Don’t get me wrong, i love droid, but it’s the small things i love microsoft for. The GUI is very fluid, no chopiness, screen rotation feels fast and apps start fast. When it comes to pure user experiance Win8 RT blows Android away tbh – this feels more like real competition for iPad than Android ever did. It takes a while to learn (I had some weeks on my tablet before putting my hands on the TF600). But when you get the hang of the new UI, it’s no biggie. I move between Apple, Microsoft and Android software everyday so I might be tainted by that experiance. But I gave the TF600 to my wife, and just after 3-4 minutes she was browsing photos on skydrive, reading mail and had no intention to give it back to me. “I want one for christmas” was her verdict.

Streaming movies from Netflix or my network was an whole other experiance. The TF600 had some connection issues with Netflix somtimes and needed to buffer the movie. The TF600 even did some random reboots when streaming movies.
The TF700 had no problem with Netflix at all (and never have). Although the app itself was far better on the TF600 – smooth browsing, better navigation within the UI etc. The Netflix app on Android is still a bit choppy and crashes from time to time. No big deal. I suspect both the droid app and the ms one will need some updates before it’s fair to judge them.

Resolution is king!
Streaming HD material from a mediaserver worked  very well on both machines. The TF700 is still the king here with it’s 1920 x 1200 full HD res. But it still worked very well on the TF600 and the 1366 x 768 res makes for a “ok” experiance, but not more.

The real killer is getting Office 2013 for free with Win8. Now this takes work to an whole other ballpark. It sync’s everything with youre skydrive (or sharepoint), smooth ‘n’ easy. TF700T running Android is just not a information workers tab at this time.

The screen is the big dealbreaker here if you ask me. The TF600 has a resolution of 1366 x 768 while the TF700T has 1920 x 1200 – This is a big difference if you like to watch movies and pictures (and I do).

The TF700 is a bit faster with it’s 1.6 GHz Tegra 3 CPU, but on the other hand it has 1GB less RAM. This might explain why the TF700 sometimes can feel a bit choppy (not much)

Some hardware facts:    

Weight 520 g 598 g
TF600  TF700
Product Tablet Tablet
Operativsystem Operating Systems Microsoft Windows RT – English Android 4.0
Display 10.1 “S-IPS + TFT – LED backlight – 1366 x 768 – Multi-Touch 10.1 “S-IPS + TFT – LED backlight – 1920 x 1200 – Multi-Touch
Processor NVIDIA Tegra 3 (quad-core) NVIDIA Tegra 3 (quad-core)
Clock Speed 1.3 GHz 1.6 GHz
Storage 64 GB 64 GB
Memory Cards microSD, microSDHC microSD, microSDHC
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth, 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0
Camera 8 Megapixel rear + 2 Megapixel front 8 Megapixel rear + 2 Megapixel front
Location GPS  GPS
Properties HDMI port HDMI port
 Battery life Up to 8 hours Up to 10 hours
Dimensions (WxDxH) 26.25 cm x 0.83 cm x 17.09 cm 26.3 cm x 0.85 cm x 18.08
Weight 520 g 598 g

Final verdict
If you’re looking  for a tablet for home entertainment buy the TF700T – the full HD 1920 x 1200 resolution is just nothing you can do without while watching movies and browsing photos. But if your main thing would be workrelated e-mail, smooth web browsing and you use Office a lot, have sharepoint or skydrive.  Buy the TF600. You will love it. And you will love windows 8 RT.

TF700T – For Play
TF600T – For Work

I need both

6 thoughts on “TF600T versus TF700T

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  3. I read your review and still can’t make up my mind! The TF600 or the TF700? I want to take it on holiday with me, take photos, receive and send emails, browse the web and use it outdoors. I have read that the TF700 is brighter for outdoor use. Is it the same with the TF600? Grrrr……I wish I could decide!

  4. Hi Maria, I’m glad you read my blog – thx!
    The difference are hardly noticeable to be honest. Yes the TF700 is a bit brighter and has higher resolution. However the TF600 is smaller and comes full smooth Internet Explorer 10 browser experience – everything just works. No need for a facebook app, free Office 2013 RT (word PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote). I would go for the TF600 if it’s mobility you want. It’s just my opinion, and some ppl just don’t like the new Windows RT touch experience (personally I just love it). But let me put it like this, don’t get blinded by hardware specs in this case – ask yourself what kind of software solution that suits you best. The Android or Windows Echo system? If you can try them out before you buy that might be a good idea that helps you decide. /Mattias

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