Reverse engineering Life

One of my friends said a while ago – “Man, you think too much, and most of it is just useless”. He might be right, but anyway that got me thinking about life. Would I Play my life if it was a mmorpg? Would the level curve be too steep? The mobs too hard? Would it have enough content and enough challenging raids to keep me interested?

And the final question, do I have what it takes to reach the max level in the game of “Life”?

An idea started to take form in my head.. What if I reverse engineer my life into a mmorpg? Would I wanna play that game? I toyed around with this for a couple of weeks in my head think tank. Now this is harder than you might think. As in gaming, there are a lot of things we just take for granted in life. There so much stuff just too obvious for us to notice, content we just miss out on. After a couple of days I just had to stop – this “thinking project” just got too big and intangible. The variables too complicated and the details too many. A couple of weeks later, thinking about other useless stuff (for another post in the future) it finally hit me. What would I do if this really was a game?

Alt+Tab whenever in doubt!
The solution was simple. I would google an easy step-by-step guide and Alt+Tab to whenever in doubt! So I decided this was the way I would approach the question – Write a step-by-step and then deciede if I would wanna play my life if it was a mmorpg..

So L.I.F.E Inc. presents:

The easy step-by-step guide to L.I.F.E
(Gameplay may vary depending on location and hardware)

Character creation.
It’s pretty much just a roll of the dice. You can’t change your appearance and race. There only two basic classes to choose from. You will be born either as a Healer (female) or a Tank (male). Remember these are just your appearance, race and gender – most of the base attributes following with them can be changed later in game. Believe me, you can easily become a Tank as a female later in game, just come meet my wife..

Your character will build Prestige during the game, every little action you take, every decision will earn you Prestige (the amount depending on the action or decision). This will be used whenever you try to use one of your Cultural Treat Skills and the outcome will depend on it.

Cultural Treat skills
At some critical life changing points during your journey, your character will get a CTS (Cultural Treat Skill) This can then be used once in a while depending on skill and Prestige.

Teaming with others is essential and therefor you will always have Family to fall back on when needed. The members of “Family” will vary but their function will always be the same – Support, tanking, dps and healing when needed. Be sure to call on  the Family skill during the game whenever you need. Beware! Family will not be active in some areas of the game and cooldown on Family can vary depending on player.


Level 1-5
Startup grounds (City of Home)
Low level Mountcan’t be summoned by choice (Stroller, Pram)
Stay here as long as you can, as soon as you leave you can’t go back. So be sure you learn the ropes, loot what gear you can. Save most of your skill points for later and only put points in some of the base skills like walking, climbing, balance and language. Most of this content can be soloed but try to find a team or use Family treat whenever you can to maximize your experience and take on harder quests.

Family – cultural treat skill
The ability to summon a party to aid you.
No cooldown
*Cultural treat skill “Family” cooldown will vary depending on where you are born in game and at what level you are. The lower level you the shorter the cooldown.


Level 5-10
School (Lowlands)
Basic Mount (Bicycle, Kickboard, Skateboard, rollerblades)
Most of this is pretty much easy mode depending on what class you play. As a female the levels 5-10 can be a bit more challenging but as male most of it will be easy mode. Try to stay teamed most of the time. Put skill points in Social, Stamina, agility and strength. In most case it’s best to keep raising the skills you are born strong with. If you’re agile keep focusing on Agility etc.
Remember, some areas should be balanced at all time through the game though, like Stamina, Strength etc.


Levels 10 – 15
School (Highlands)
Basic Mount (Mini bike, Motorbike, mountain bike)
This is where it starts to get more complicated. LFG (Looking For Group) channel is introduced in the game and your social skills more important. Try to find likeminded players on whom you can depend for teaming regularly. The solo content is almost nonexistent and only the most hardcore players will get thru these levels alone. Remember if you can’t find a team you can always fall back on Family when needed – Family will be there to support you thru most part of the game. You will spend most of your time hunting in the Highlands, teaming with others and training your first basic tradeskills. Have fun, but don’t forget your crafting and scholar skills – you will need them later in game.


Levels 15 – 20
School, work (Wastelands)
Basic Mount (Car)
This is where you really will be hit by the unlimited choices available in L.I.F.E, most of them will seem overwhelming . There’s really no wrong way to go here.
Some players will choose to keep on teaming and raiding higher education trying to get the title Scholar while some players will want to seek their fortune crafting and training their tradeskills in various fields. You will have to make a choice sooner or later – you can always try to go back later in game, but the higher you level up, the harder it will be to turn back. Remember, there is no way to reset your skillpoints – only gather more of them.


Levels 20-25
Higher education, Work (The Divide)
Rare Mount (Car, Motorcycle)
The choice between tradeskills as a craftsman or higher education as a scholar in a field of your choice will be inevitable by now. Whatever you choose, you will keep on leveling, raiding, hunting and training your skills around The Divide

Marriage – cultural treat skill
The skill of merging gold and experience with a another player for life (or until Divorce)
Long Cooldown

At level 20 a new element of gameplay is introduced  – Marriage!
Yes, you will now be able to create your own family with a partner of your choice and given time and skill later in game, merge with your two existing families, creating a Clan. Done right, this can be the most powerful tool or weapon in the game and there’s really no limit on just how powerful a Clan can be. (read more in the Marriage Guide)


Levels 25-35
The Grind (The suburbs, low levels)
This is the real challenge of the game. Regardless of your previous choices the level curve is steep and you will have to spend most of your time grinding for money and experience. This is no easy task. There’s no real rewards, no raid content and most players quit during these levels. If you persist your rewards will be great however and the time you invest in your children, marriage or carrier skill during theese levels will be worth your while later on when mastering the game of L.I.F.E


Levels 35-45
The middle age (The suburbs, higher levels)
Epic Mount (Harley Davidson, Ferrari, BMW etc.)
If you played your cards right earlier, these levels will be pretty easy. There will still be a grind, but if you invested earlier in marriage, children and a family of your own this is where it starts to pay off. For every gold and experience your wife or children (depending on age and skill) make, a small amount will go back to you. You will by now have enough money to buy an Epic Mount of your choice and you will not be forced to grind for money if you choose not to – depending on how you invested in your Ambition and Fortune skill in earlier levels.

Clan – cultural treat raiding skill
The ability to summon a raid group (depending on race and gender)
Very long cooldown

All the decisions by you, your wife and your children as a family will slowly (together with the decisions of you and your partner’s parents) build your mutual Clan skill.
A Clan can then be summoned by you or other members of the clan depending on your Prestige skill within the clan (see my separate Clan Skill Guide). When summoned, a clan can either be used for support or offence in times of joy or despair.
Either way this is the most powerful skill in the game – it can win wars if played right (see the Clan War Guide)


To be continued..
I’m at level 44 right now; I have worked mostly on my tradeskills and family skills. Slowly building enough prestige within my clan to summon my grandchildren home for Christmas some day in the future..

Q: Can I move my character to another server?
Not at this time, Earth (also called Gaia) is our only server at this time. More servers might be added later on.

Q: Can I reset my skill points?
A: There are no way to unlearn a skill at this time. You can however learn as many new ones as you wish

Q: Do I have to stay married forever?
A: No, you can contact a GM ingame to disolve your marriage. Beware there’s a cooldown period before you can get married again however.

Q: If I die, where do I respawn?
A: You dont. This is for real fool, make good use of it.

Q: Will there be Life II?
A: Sorry, you will only get one life

Q: Can I do whatever I want ingame?
A: Pretty much, L.I.F.E Inc. won’t interfere with your gameplay experience.
Local laws might however..

Q: Is there a fee to play L.I.F.E?
A: You always pay in one way or another, sooner or later..
But no, L.I.F.E Inc will not charge you anything.

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2 thoughts on “Reverse engineering Life

  1. You sir are a genius, if I had the skill I would mold this idea into a science Fiction movie.

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