Things that “might have been” and things that “became”… Part IV

Starting with this blogpost, I decided to list the top 5 songs that really meant something to me over the years since I was a young boy. Songs I even remember where I was and what I did when I heard them the first time. I decided to do this for the sake of my daughter to read when Im dead so maybe (I wish) she can take care of thoose original vinyl recordings and treat them with the respect they deserve and know the reason why she should.

This is for you honey – Dad

Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son (Spotify link)
Remember that guitar playing neighbor living under my father? He was a lot into the more symphonic parts of rock, like “Yes”, “Toto”, “Boston”, “Styx” and the father of them all – Kansas. The first time I heard Kansas I didn’t really care much for them. It was the album “Point Of Know Return” (1977) and by then they had lost some of their rough hard edge for the more symphonic sound with a lot more keyboards and violins. This is all great, and later I life I learned to love most of their work. But as a 14 year old teenager they pretty much passed me by at first.

They had however cool artwork on their albums inspired by fantasy dreamscapes in an abstract way. (like many symphony rock outfits at that time). And it was really the artwork that first drew my attention when going through my neighbor’s record collection.

Somehow the artwork of “Leftoveture” (1976) captured my interest and the very first song I heard from the album was of course “Carry on wayward son”. It had that perfect mix of bombastic choirs and hard riffs that sticks to your head. The song itself is a masterpiece made up by different parts with their own tempo, going from very hard to very soft with a perfect chorus followed up by some of the coolest guitar riffs ever made!

This is the song I spent absolutely most time practicing my guitar to – a perfect mix with different styles and tempo. I spent months learning the break and guitar solo at 2:48 to perfection (and later the part at 4:27). As  young man I also spent countless of hours in front of a mirror playing the air guitar to this song,  made love to some great women, smoked some fine weed cigars and danced all night.
I hope eveyone has a song like this.

(Honey, the original vinyl is lost over the years so don’t bother looking for it. You can find it on Spotify however – Dad)

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