Things that “might have been” and things that “became”… Part V

Starting with this blogpost, I decided to list the top 5 songs that really meant something to me over the years since I was a young boy. Songs I even remember where I was and what I did when I heard them the first time. I decided to do this for the sake of my daughter to read when Im dead so maybe (I wish) she can take care of thoose original vinyl recordings and treat them with the respect they deserve and know the reason why she should.

This is for you honey – Dad

Van Halen – Mean Street (spotify link)
I must have been about 13 -14 years old when I heard this song the first time. It was a total coincidence. As most of us at this time my musical world was a mix of AC/DC, Disharge, Blag Flag, KISS etc. A chaotic musical mix of Punk and Heavy metal
No wonder it all ended up with styles like trashmetal and hardcore years later.

I was going to visit a friend and when we went upstairs to play some computer games I just froze in the stairs.  From he’s older brothers room came a sound so different it might as well have been from another world. It was the tapping pull-off/pull-on intro from “Mean Street”.

A sound that could carve through frozen fish
I had NEVER before heard a guitar been played like that (no one had actually).
Imagine you hear music from another planet for the first time – nothing like it had ever been played or heard before. It was so exciting and then it crescendos into one of the heaviest Rock ‘n’ Roll riffs ever made. With a guitar sound that could carve through frozen fish…  It was fresh, fun, happy and yet heavy.  The rest of the afternoon was spent with my firends older brother (who in fact was a base player himself) listening to Van Halen. I lost a friend that day but I had a lot more in common with the older brother anyway.

Damn you to hell!
Van Halen was that band that made a teenager dream of beautiful girls, sunshine and Rock ‘n’ Roll fame on a beach somewhere in “Americana”. We could do it, We actually believed we could do it. Later I realised the dream would pretty much just stay a dream.
Some years later I was handing out newspapers in the pouring rain in some remote suburb in sweden shouting “Damn you Van Halen, damn you to hell!” (true story)

The love affair
Anyway, this moment started what became a long, long love affair with the band Van Halen. I own all their records (on vinyl up to around when Hagar took over). Bought their four first albums the same year and been totally into them since back around 1982.
And still 30 years later when they annonced the release of Van Halen – A Different Kind Of Truth I waited like I was 13 years old again. Van Halen – You And Your Blues can it get any better?

I could write an essay on Van Halen, but I won’t…

(Yes Honey you heard it all growing up, I stole a lot of riffs from Mr. Van Halen – Love /Dad)

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