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Jag har ganska högt i tak
Let’s face it, jag är kanske inte världens lättaste. Jag kan vara dryg på gränsen till otrevlig när jag sätter den sidan till men jag försöker att ha lika ”högt i tak” tillbaka när det gäller min tolerans för andra. Jag har försökt hitta ett förhållningsätt till facebook under ett par år. Från att acceptera varje vän förfrågan som skickats till mig, till att slutligen aktivt plocka bort folk jag inte riktigt förstår varför jag blivit s.k. ”vänner” med. Nu tillbringar jag mest tid i slutna grupper, hanterar logistiken kring reptider, bollar låtidéer, följer företag och musiker som intresserar mig – facebook kan vara ett lysande verktyg. Continue reading

A month with ASUS Vivo Tab TF600T

For over a month now I have been trying to get by with only the ASUS TF600T – “Vivo Tab” for short. It’s actually a pretty good experience so far. Im a heavy e-mail, Skydrive, Office, Skype and browser user. Over the last year I have been feeling a little bit disappointed with iPads and Android Tablets when it comes to user experiance for me as a microsoft user when it comes to software and online services – so i bought a Windows 8 RT tablet. I dont play games on my tablet btw.
So with that said here’s my “A month with ASUS TF600T” review

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How to add support for MTP in Ubuntu 12.04

While Android is “based” on the Linux kernel, that doesn’t mean it just works “out of the box” with any Linux distro. When connecting a modern Android device to your Ubuntu, it doesn’t show up in the File Manager. In short, you are not able to transfer files into and out from the phone as easy as you are used to in Win 7 (which supports MTP native).


Since Android 2.3, the support for conventional USB mass storage has been replaced by the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) which has several advantages.

Make it so!
Even if you fairly easy can access (but with very slow transfer times..) a MTP device thru a program called gmtp, it is not as convenient as a conventional USB mass storage. So how do you make it “easy”? Well a guy named Nicolas Bernaerts wrote this great guide that let’s you automount your android device in MTP mode on Ubuntu 12.04 (Works in 12.10 to). The guide is originally is written for Nexus 7 but it has worked with any android device I have tested so far.

If you have problems connecting your device with Ubuntu, check out Nicolas’s guide. (It’s actually the only guide i tried that actually fixed the problem with MTP in Ubuntu 12.04)

Thank you Nicolas for taking the time and sharing it.

One of the greatest games/stories of our generation


So the holydays are soon to be over. Every xmas I end up playing old games or trying out titles I skipped when released, sometimes I return to old mmo’s or fire up battlefield or COD. This year I ended up buying (among others) the Mass Effect series on the cheap. I played ME1 a couple of years ago, but being a hardcore mmo player the streamlined gameplay somehow left me disappointed back then.

Treat it like a interactive book or a movie instead
To be honest the problem was, I misunderstood the whole concept and compared it to computer games and mmo gameplay I general. When I returned this winter I choose to treat it as a interactive book or a movie instead – and boy was I in for a ride. I played thru ME1 and ME2 and finally in ME3.

For the first time I have actually cried during certain moments in a computer game.
As an interactive movie or book the Mass Effect trilogy is one of the greatest games/stories of our generation. It’s a trilogy and should be experienced like one straight up. Gameplay is pretty streamlined, but Bioware leaves you with a ton of hard moral choices within the story itself making the game taking some really different turns depending on how you decide to play it. There at least three different endings – each of them depending on the decisions you made during the game(s). The replayability is not all that great, the core of the story will always be the same, but the relations with your comrades, alliances with other races could change dramatically. It’s the little things that stand out and stay with you. The deep comradeship with Garrus or the fact that there at least two crewmembers being openly gay. The different romantic relations you can pursue. Or the moments when you have to sacrifice one of you teammates. In my case one who had been with me from ME1

If you’re looking for cheap games on Steam or Origin the Mass Effect series is a great choice if you like me missed out earlier. Trust me, It’s breath taking.

The Mass Effect trilogy is one of the greatest games of our generation, and you would be a fool to miss it.