A month with ASUS Vivo Tab TF600T

For over a month now I have been trying to get by with only the ASUS TF600T – “Vivo Tab” for short. It’s actually a pretty good experience so far. Im a heavy e-mail, Skydrive, Office, Skype and browser user. Over the last year I have been feeling a little bit disappointed with iPads and Android Tablets when it comes to user experiance for me as a microsoft user when it comes to software and online services – so i bought a Windows 8 RT tablet. I dont play games on my tablet btw.
So with that said here’s my “A month with ASUS TF600T” review

Im very sensetive when it comes to build quality and the Asus TF600T doesn’t disappoint. It feels stylish and the overall build quality feels solid. It’s mostly covered in brushed aluminium and it gives you that cool luxuary feeling. Top backside where the camera and the wifi connector sits is covered with some “rubbery” material.
This makes for better connectivity and gives a nice grip for you hands.

Buildwise it’s no iPad, but it’s not far away either. You dont have to hide it in meetings, it looks stylish and it will be the conversation topic wherever you go. The tablet comes with support for Micro SD, Micro-HDMI, dual speakers (backside). Dont expext a media “boom-box”, but it’s enough to check out movies on Netflix or listen to a song.
The connction port for the dock (or for charging if you don’t use the dock) is ASUS own standard for TF600T and you cant use the same charger with the TF700T.

Top backside with the 8 megapixel camera

The 10,1 ” / 1366 x 768 mutli-touch S-IPS screen is a joy to work on

The unlock button is now placed on the tablet itself.
Below it; the charging connector on the keayboard dock.

The micro-HDMI comes with a rubber cover.

From left to right; MicroSD, micro-HDMI and power button.

The keyboard dock is no letdown. Brushed metal, solid built, fast typing experiance and a overall smooth keyboard, yes it’s smaller but hey it’s supposed to be.. Asus have now moved the unlock button since the TF700 from the dock to the tablet itself, this gives the keyboard dock a more streamlined look.


They also improved how far back you can tilt the screen when docked. This was a major drawback on the TF700. You can read my very popular comparison between TF600 and TF700 here: TF600T versus TF700T

You might experiance some overweight when the screen is fully tilted back, this could have been compensated by moving some of the weight in the keyboard dock. I had no problem myslef with it, but I can imagine some of you might feel it’s a little unbalanced when docked.

The docking process itself is ok. You align the Windows logo with the marker on the keyboard and just click it in – in theory.. This could be improved, as it’s too easy tilting the tablet to much back or forth pending on how your dock was aligned when you disconected it. It’s no biggie, but it’s no “Just click it in” experiance either tbh.
You will get the hang of it eventually though 🙂

“Align and click” – in theory..

Battery is up to 8 hours with the dock. It feels way more. The powersaving of Windows RT makes for a great mobility experiance. A full days use is no problem for a normal information worker on the move while using your phone as a hotspot.

The software
This is where the tablet experiance starts to change – if you are very “app dependent”, are used to iPad etc. You will probably miss some importent apps. Using it as a tool for work – I had no real problem. Windows RT itself is a fast and fluid experience (check out my video below) and the only drawback I can really find is that you can’t join a domain. This is a stupid move by microsoft, period.

Having Office and Internet Explorer 10 makes up for it.
The Office experiance is great. In most user scenarios I barley missed my laptop – when I did it was mainly cuz i needed a bigger screen or missed a fullsize keyboard. When it came to day-to-day work in excel, powerpoint or word it was more than enough. As a heavy Onenote user I missed a pen from time to time.

Integrated experiance
I used a Lumia 920 as a hotspot and had my Skydrive as workspace. It’s a integrated experiance and I won’t save anything localy on my laptop from now on. RT even comes with a Remote Desktop client so connecting to my PC at home was no problem when needed.

You will get a desktop – but i cant see when I would need it.

The new Win 8 RT touch GUI covers most of my user scenarios

Mail and calender
The e-mail app could be better. It’s easy enough to manage your sub folders, reading, writing. But there is something here that feels awkward. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it would have been nice if it was more like the e-mail client on WP8? Hopefully there will come other e-mail apps as developing grows. Calender app is what you would expect. Some minor flaws but nothing a future update wont sort out. One thing however stands out. You can se all your calenders, but it wont show facebook events like you have come to expect from the Windows Phone 8. This problem comes again and again in different scenarios. Things you learned expect as standard on the WP8 is left out on Win8 RT. I hope this is something microsoft will adress in future updates.

Office, Skydrive, Skype and Remote Desktop – what more do u need?

To “App” or not to “App”
When it comes to apps, RT is way back compared to Apple and Android. If you are a “app freak” you won’t like Windows Store. On the other hand I realized pretty fast that with Internet Explorer 10 there’s really no need for a facebook app, Engadget app etc. There’s enough apps to get you going though. Netflix, Skype, Xbox SmartGlass, Wordfeud etc. You might miss Instagram, but I cant really see why you would wanna take pictures with a tablet tbh..

With a weight of 0.525kg, 1,3 Ghz Tegra 3 processor, 2GB RAM – it’s a nice companion to have in your backpack or in a all day meeting. It gets the job done, it keeps you updated with almost a full laptop experiance. I like the whole new Win 8 RT experiance. Im bored with iPads or Android tablet. As a microsoft user i never got that full experiance until now. I like it and im allready looking for my next Windows 8 Tablet.


Who would buy the TF600?
Anyone that wants a tablet with a full Internet Explorer 10 browser experiance, uses Office on a daily bases and don’t need a lot of apps. Anyone that wants true multitasking – like talking on Skype while editing a word document or a shared notebook in Onenote with a friend. Anyone who feels that apple is a thing of the past and wants to try out the next big thing.

Check out a short video below of the fluid user experiance in Win8 RT on TF600

– Tegra 3 and Windows RT equals good overall battery time
– The fact that it’s microsoft gives you a great Office, Skydrive and IE 10 experiance
– The keyboard dock. It’s like a extra battery with letters!

– Windows RT can’t join a domain, it’s just plain stupid.
– The docking mechanics. This could be done better Asus!
– A little bit expensive compared to ther tablets

Size/resolution 10,1 ” / 1366 x 768
Type S-IPS
Backlighting LED
Touch Yes
Multi-touch Yes
Manufacturer NVIDIA
Type Tegra 3
Speed 1,3 GHz
Cores 4
Storage 64 GB, SSD
WiFi Yes
WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g, IEEE 802.11n
3G No
3,5 mm-sound connector combo, in/out 1
Bluetooth v4.0
Dock Yes
micro-HDMI-anslutning Yes
Camera (front)
Resolution 2 Mp
Camera (back)
Resoultion 8 Mp
General information
OS Microsoft Windows 8 RT, English
Misc GPS
Dimensions (B x H x D) 262,5 mm x 170,9 mm x 8,3 mm
Weight 520 g

5 thoughts on “A month with ASUS Vivo Tab TF600T

  1. I haven’t had the chance to try out Surface more than a hour. But no, it’s not really the same thing. TF600T feels more like a laptop when docked. But i might go for the surface pro if the price is right.

  2. how does the rt version compare to the windows 8 Asus vivo tab smart? which would you recommend?

  3. Hi Mark!
    RT is more about the Metro GUI and touch since you wont be able to run every software you are used to. However a big + is that it comes with a slim version of Office and OneNote wich is enough to get started. A minus would be RT does not support domain login. This is only a problem if you plan to use it on a corporate network however. I like RT, it’s my “to go” computer and I can have it in meetings. The only thing I miss is beeing able to write with a pen in OneNote (im a heavy OneNote user). Battery time is great on RT machines and that would be a big + compared to normal Win 8 machines at the moment.

  4. I keep trying to use the mini hemi port but all I get is a message telling me that the resolution is too low and it won

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