Two weeks with Rikomagic Android Mini PC


A pretty descent Smart TV replacement
First of all, this is not a computer or a powerhouse tablet replacer. With that said it’s a pretty descent Smart TV replacement. You get a pocket size Android 4.1 optimized for a TV via the HDMI connector. It’s cheap so don’t expect any miracles, but you get what you pay for and some more. If you have realistic expectations you wont be disappointed.

Pocket size..

Inside the box

  • The Rikomagic MK802 III (of course)
  • One HDMI-cable (if you can’t fit the Mini PC directly in your TV’s HDMI port)
  • USB-power connector
  • MiniUSB-USB adapter
  • Manual

This is what you get with you’re Mini PC 

Setup your Rikomagic MK802 IIIS
Setup is so easy my mother could probably do it. The Rikomagic MK802 IIIS goes in one of your TV’s HDMI ports, connect the power to one of your TV’s USB ports, start your TV and you’re done. The Mini PC will boot itself up. Simple.

The Mini PC connected to the TV with the wireless
mouse and the power connector to the right

You will however need something to navigate with, you can either connect a USB mouse, a wireless mouse (with a USB dongle), a Bluetooth device (haven’t tried that one yet, but it supports Bluetooth) or use the app from Android market with your phone/tablet. I used a wireless mouse at first, and the app on my Galaxy S2 and my Asus TF700T tablet. In the end prefer the tablet.

I used a old wireless laptop mouse or the android app
to navigate – booth methods worked fine. 

So what can the Rikomagic Android Mini PC MK802 IIIS do?
If you read this you probably have the same needs as I had and have realistic expectations. Personally I bought it because  I wanted a media player for music and movies. A device that supported Netflix, Spotify (and maybe HBO when they wake up from there dream and start charging normal prices). So did it measure up?

Streaming music via the Spotify app from Android market was no problem, and any issues would be between you and your sound system, not the Rikomagic Android Mini PC.

Works really well, the Netflix app for Android need some fixing but that’s another story.
It takes a couple of seconds before the stream buffers up and gains quality but I am impressed, this is reason enough actually to buy the Rikomagic Android Mini PC, it works that well. I streamed for hours, both movies and TV series and had a great experience.
Andromeda on Netflix – no problem streaming

BS player – weak wifi?
When streaming from my own media server I had some issues with larger files. I use BS player to connect to my Windows Home Server. And no problem there. However when streaming 1080p movies over the wireless network it sometimes got choppy, movies that my Boxee have no problem at all playing. If this is due to the GPU, BS player settings or the Wifi of the Mini PC I really don’t know.

BS player works flawless with the same files on the same wireless LAN with my ASUS TF700T tablet and on my Boxee so my money is on weak wifi in the RicoMagic.

Overall verdict
Overall the Rikomagic Android Mini PC worked great as long as I stayed away from those extreme 1080p files. Web browsing is a no brainer, Skype etc. No problem. If I would recommend it, it would be for Netflix streaming, web browsing, checking emails and social networking (reading). I would however stay away from gaming and Full HD streaming. But for this price it’s a no-brainer if you ask me, just get it!

Guide to Install XBMC for Android
Remote control for Android (phone, tablet)

If you have any suggestions on what apps I should test, feel free to leave me a comment below.

CPU :  Rockchip RK3066; Cotex A9, 1.6GHz;
GPU:   Quad- Core 2D/ 3D/ Mali-400 MP GPU,OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 & OpenVG 1.1
OS:     Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
Memory: DDR3 1GB
Storage: 8GB
WIFI:    Built-in 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth: Yes

1 x HDMI port
1 x MicroSD (TF) Card Slot
1 x USB Power port
1 x USB 2.0 Host port

Dimensions: 90 * 40 *13 mm
Weight: <40g

6 thoughts on “Two weeks with Rikomagic Android Mini PC

  1. Hi. I have recently purchased one and cannot connect to Netflix. It has an onscreen prompt for Netflix app when I get to the netflix home page ,however when I click this nothing happens. What am I doing wrong and what do I need to do to correct this. Thanks

  2. Hi Chris – great to see you on my blog.
    I myself had no problems at all with this. I just downloaded the app from Android market and then logged in. The app works like it would on any Android tablet or phone – it’s really just a bigger screen 🙂 It will not work through the browser though, you have to install the app from market. I would recommend you to uninstall the app and then reinstall it again. There have been talk about an older release of Netflix that closes immediately on launch, it should have been solved since the 1.8.1 build and a update or reinstall would likley fix this for you if that’s the case.
    Please let me know if you and how you solved your problem.

  3. I recently bought one of these mk802IIIS, installing was a breeze, plugged in a mouse to do set up ‘s (enabling bluetooth/wifi, ect) then used my phone to navigate after with bluetooth. The device crashed after 4 days and just hung on android loading screen (i suspect a game called temple run!). updating the firmware was a pain, windows 7 just wouldn’t play ball, swopped over to vista os and managed to update and recover firmware. wifi is slow im wondering if i should try ethernet cable, was also wondering if anyone has done anything ‘amazing’ with there device, im getting bored checking emails, browsing on my telly as i can do that with my phone. Has this device got more potential!!.

  4. I had a specific purpose when I bought mine, I wanted to be able to use Netflix easy on my TV. Other than that I had pretty low expectations. So far I’m ok with it, it works great with Netflix. Streaming 1080p from a server is an other matter. It’s choppy and unreliable. When it comes to the wifi, it’s poorly shielded. I resolved this by using a cable instead of plugging it right into the TV. This made the wifi a whole lot better as I could place it a bit away from the TV. I suspect the TV’s power sockets and signals interfere with the WiFi. As a Netflix machine it’s ok but it wont replace a dedicated mediabox like the Boxee. As far as “amazing”, no nothing really. I ran it as a webserver for a while but any decent smartphone can do that to.

  5. Hi There,

    My husbnd and I just bought one of these babies and it’s great and all but when we connect and external hard drive it crashes. Is this normal? Or a design flaw?

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